Bobby Rayfield

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 215

Yes, that is a Simpsons version of Sleep’s Dopesmoker. It’s also the album art for the new Dr. Colossus record coming this May and you can hear the new single Pickabar, along with the latest from Dunbarrow, Alastor, Clouds Taste Satanic and more on Hour of the Riff Episode 215

Doomed & Stoned Choice Cuts (S1Ep8)

~Season 1, Episode 8~

This week, we’ll explore the theme of Cosmic Doom, with expansive galactic pieces from Slomatics, Space Witch, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, DÖ, Ered Gulder, and more!

Remember, you can catch Choice Cuts live every Thursday at 6pm PST, 9pm EST at!

In the meanwhile, check out the latest Doomed & Stoned gear:

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 09-03-2021

Playlist 09-03-2021

Five the Hierophant : Fire from Frozen Cloud (Through Aureate Void) Dark Essence
Kurushimi : Wormhole (Chaos Remains) Art As Catharsis
Saturnia : Smoking in the Sun (Stranded in the Green) Sulatron
A/LPACA : Chameleon (Make It Better) Sulatron
Jordsjø : Skumring I Karesuando (Pastoralia) Karisma
Epitaph : Fresh Air (Outside the Law) Membran
Kameel : Chameau (Barkas) Poplar Sounds
Circle : Rautatie (Serpent (Live)) Ektro

Artwork : Saturnia

Dollar Country, Ep. 124

Dollar Country Episode 124: Whiskeytown
air date: 3/3/2021

Jack Slattery – Coonieanna Cajun
Jim James and Joyce – One Man-At-A-Time
Dave Rodgers – Whiskeyville
Bobby Carl & Carolyn Jo – What Daddy Offered Mama
Ray Pressley – You’re Part Of Me
Jimmie D. Powers – Send Back The Pieces
Dave Jones And The Dealers – The Wrong Man
Red McCoy – 3000 Miles Lonesome
Ken Linker – Hey Bartender
Billy Floyd and the Ramblers – Don’t Cry Now
Jan Eden – The Only Thing Between You Two (Is Me)
Bill Woods – Little Rose Marie
Red Foley – Atomic Power
Ruth Dalton with Wayne Johnston And The Boys – You Used To Be My Sweetheart
The Tree Tops – (Legend Of) The Fastest Gun
Lester Cash – Slim & Lefty