Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 209

Scorching guitar solos? Nope. Blasting drums rolls? No can do. Bass solo take one? Not tonight. The world is filled with sounds. Unorthodox, intentional, soundscapes and noise floors surround us at every breath. This week we further celebrate those who choose to dive into the universe of sound and experiment in deeper distinctions between what…

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The Thunderdome, Ep. 7

We dust off the garage and clear the dancefloor to make you move with some amazing six string rock n roll galore! . IDLES – Pussy Galore – Electric Eel Shock – Danko Jones – Thee Headcoats – Hanni El Khatib – Death From Above 1979 – Starving Hungry – Eagles Of Death Metal –…

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Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 202

Welcome to a celebration of sound. Sit back, relax or find yourself a little something to keep yourself busy. Either way, this week is all about soft sounds, atmosphere unending, experimental ambience, expanding walls and the beautiful music and musicians that are drifting around us everyday. It’s a two part set list because nothing about…

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