Max Wax Live, Vol. 97

Special Guest Host: Steve Covington

Last night was wild! He may front an Americana, Roots, Folk band, but this evening you’ll find out what my buddy Steve, of Steve Covington and The Humble Strays, grew up cutting his teeth on. My favorite part of having artists on the show is finding out what THEY dig, so I can’t wait to get the turntables spinning and get Steve grinnin’. Recorded LIVE, ON-AIR from 8-10 EST, June 9, 2021.

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 181

Who’s ready to chill out for a bit with your trusty Monuments in Ruin host? The weather is starting to get warmer than my comfort level so we may need to slow down, sit back and enjoy the peaceful sound of mellow music and a cool breeze. All of the mellow without the marsh. New broadcast every Monday at 9pm Eastern on Trendkill Radio 📻

Originally aired on on May 24th, 2021.
Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 181 Intro
(00:41) Cat Power – Cross Bone Style
(05:40) Songs: Ohia – Hold On Magnolia
(13:30) Kaki King – Night After Sidewalk
(16:57) Fiona Apple – On The Bound
(22:23) Half Gringa – Afraid of Horses
(27:05) Neko Case – Deep Red Bells
(31:02) Elliot Smith – Independence Day
(34:00) Yo La Tango – Everyday
(40:18) Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me Ohio
(46:33) Low – Dinosaur Act
(52:20) Sparklehorse – Cow

“KTFT Fan Friday” – Discoveries from January 2020

 | L | | H | | M | aka LightningHockeyMusic ~ 4/30/2021
I’m happy to announce that I’ve been invited by Bobby Rayfield from “” to be a guest host on “KTFT Fan Friday”.
Airing Friday, April 30th at 1 p.m. Eastern on “”. I’ll be sharing with you some new-to-me sounds in an hour long show titled, “Discoveries from January 2020”. You’ll also hear me provide some nuggets of information regarding the bands.
This is a journey of musical discovery through the first month of 2020, yes, over a year ago; but I just finished finding and assembling all this music a couple of weeks ago (started researching these albums a couple of months ago). Amazing how much music I miss while making other plans.
You can also check out a 96 minute version of the show that has bonus tracks and is without commentary from me; just glorious music:
Thanks for your support!


Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 174

Join your host this week as Monuments in Ruin Episode 174 takes us into the world of folk based music. Much like other genres, there are many forms of delivery for this platform. Some will drag you deep into the darkness while others will feel like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. Packed with new releases, new discoveries and some of our favorite storytellers of long ago, this is 60 minutes of diversity flowing straight from the aching souls who found courage to record them for our listening. New broadcast every Monday at 9pm Eastern on Trendkill Radio.
Who are a few of your favorite folk storytellers?

Originally aired on on April 4th, 2021.
Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 174 Intro
(00:36) Chris Cornell – Watching the Wheels
(05:02) Sturgill Simpson – Call to Arms
(08:03) John Salvage – Trade Coyote
(11:54) Blackmore’s Night – Darker Shade of Black
(17:53) Nick Drake – At The Chime of a City Clock
(23:53) John Prine – Please Don’t Bury Me
(26:39) Karima Walker – Reconstellated
(31:34) Christian Lee Hutson – Lose This Number
(35:19) Bonny Light Horseman – Bonny Light Horseman
(39:41) Townes Van Zandt – Waiting Around To Die
(42:21) Amy Ray – Oh City Man
(50:38) Ian Noe – Junk Town
(54:55) Leonard Cohen – Darkness

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 172

Welcome to a world that is so somber it brings us sobering happiness and hope. This week on Monuments in Ruin Episode 172 we close our eyes, take a deep breath and let our minds drift with the beautiful and melon collie sounds of Slowdive(band), Gillian Welch, Julien Baker, Natalie Merchant, Grails, Beck and more. New broadcast every Monday at 9pm eastern on Trendkill Radio.

Originally aired on on March 22nd, 2021.
Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 172 Intro
(00:37) Slowdive – Sing
(05:48) Norah Jones – What Am I To You?
(09:13) Gillian Welch – Look At Miss Ohio
(13:24) Julien Baker – Brittle Boned
(16:57) Beck – The Golden Age
(21:32) Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda
(29:16) John Coltrane – Psalm
(36:17) Natalie Merchant – This House Is On Fire
(40:52) Grails – Immediate Mate
(46:13) Mono – Halo
(55:31) Explosions in the Sky – A Poor Man’s Memory

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 170

Step into the light with your host for another rollercoaster rampage on Monuments in Ruin Episode 170! This audio adventure will grab ahold of your emotions as we break down the barriers of modern sound. Broadcast every Monday at 9pm Eastern on Trendkill Radio.

Originally aired on on March 8th, 2021.
Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 170 Intro
(00:37) Blonde Redhead – Kazuality
(05:26) Okkervill River – Kansas City
(11:10) Shipping News – Morays or Demon
(15:45) Magnolia Electric Co – The Night Shift Lullaby
(20:12) Jen Cloher – Dead Wood Falls
(23:46) M. Ward – Post-War
(29:19) Black Heart Procession – Devotion
(34:36) Judas Horse – Holy War
(39:13) Saltland – Golden Alley
(43:30) Shellac – Dude Incredible
(52:49) Dirty Three – Ever Since

Max Wax, Vol. 88

Tonight, I’m simply taking this stack of records to the studio and am going to spin whatever hits me. On top of that, I’ll be debuting two new tracks from our friend Alex Salcido of The Harmed Brothers!!! This one’s going to be chill and real.

Max Wax Live, Vol. 84

Mack is hitting the Trendkill decks LIVE… and is bringing a stack of wax that includes some of his favorites from 2020. From Arlo McKinley to Sturgill Simpson… from Deftones to Sevendust… and back to Foxy Shazam and The Harmed Brothers… we’re bringing a lil’ something for everyone.

Max Wax, Vol. 83, w/ guest host Walter DeBarr

This show was recorded LIVE on-air and Mack was joined on the phone by the incomparable Walter DeBarr Music. We launched the Trendkill debut of Walter’s new single, “Blackened” and the entire show was curated by WD, then spun live from vinyl in the Trendkill Studio. The first of many guests this year, from all over the music universe. You don’t want to miss it!

The Schizophonic, Ep. 122

On this session of the Schizophonic, we dial it back a little bit. Relax and dive into the sounds of some Acoustic guitar. We have some old favorites, a few acoustic versions of regular songs, and a few live acoustic renditions. Originally aired Tuesday 11/1/20 on