Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 2019-08-06

This week another guest DJ on Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, we have the honour to offer you a selection of tunes chosen by Jose Pot Moreno (Atavismo, Viaje A 800, HÌbrido, Medicina & Galvao).

Smash – Ni Recuerdo, Ni Olvido
Triana – Recuerdos De Una Noche
Las Grecas – Laula Ulah
Epoca – No Estoy Bien
Pappoís Blues – Algo Ha Cambiado
Pescado Rabioso – Blues De Cris
Cai – Noche Abierta
Aeroblus – Nada Estoy Sabiendo
Larry Coryell – Sex
Randy Holden – Guitar Song 
Dungen – Fredag 
Wolf People – All Returns
Motorpsycho – Hey Jane

Jackie Zee, Ep. 45

Time for another edition, the 7th, of Jackie Zee’s ongoing series of Long Songs! Four songs, quite different from each other but each a universe to lose yourself in. Tune in for space rock, slow doom, kraut and psychedelic rock.

00:27 Domboshawa (SE) – Light Seed (Fyra 2019)
19:26 Witchfinder (FR) – Satan’s Haze (Hazy Rites 2019)
30:26 Monkey3 (CH) – Ellipsis (Sphere 2019)
44:08 Stone Rebel (FR) – Queen Of Rain (Dreams & Illusions 2018)

Songs to Nowhere, Ep. 50

MaidaValeJesus The Snake –Stoned Jesus –Graveyard –Minami Deutsch 南ドイツ – and more.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 66

Sonic Collective Ep. 66 – The Ipod Classic Shuffle Show

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 2019-07-30

Playlist :
Sugarfoot : The House on the Hill (In the Clearing) Crispin Glover
Bushman’s Revenge : Happy Hour for Mr.Sanders (Et Hån Mot Overklassen) Hubro
Hashshashin : Crossing the Panj (Badakhshan) Art As Catharsis
Seven That Spells : Burning Blood (Live at Roadburn 2019)
Red Kite : Focus on Insanity (Red Kite) Rare Noise
Suzuki Junzo & Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska : Outer Heaven’s Gate pt2 (The Ascended Master Teachings) Cardinal Fuzz

Artwork : Red Kite

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 130

Way back on Episode 10 of Hour of the Riff, we did a recap of Ripple Music’s Second Coming of Heavy series, playing a track from every band that had appeared on Chapter 1 through to Chapter 5.

The 10th and final chapter of the series is almost upon us [out September 13] so this week, we’re doing a recap of Chapter 6 through to Chapter 10 with brand new music from The W Likes and Palace In Thunderland plus a track from all the other bands that featured on the second half of this absolutely legendary series.

Stoner Witch Radio, Ep. 79

Let producer and host Melissa adorn you with some of the finest devil music of our time. Episode 80 features the music of Devil’s Witches, Hippie Death Cult, The Red Windows, Mournful Cries, Book Of Wyrms, Merlin, Ambassador, The Heavy Minds, Here Lies Man, Black Sabbath, Withfinder General, Motorhead, Monolord, WitchCliff, Witchnight, Possessor, and Shepherds Crook. Recorded, mixed and produced by Melissa Spence in Phoenix, Arizona. All rights reserved to their respective owners. Thanks for your support!

The Desert, Ep. 59

Summer Soundtrack part three!

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 2019-07-23

WAKE UP summer special pt4 : MAGIC
Compiled by dj Cosmic Masseur

Marcus : Black Magic (Marcus)
Mystic Siva : Magic Luv (Mystic Siva)
Zior : Strange Kind of Magic (Zior)
The Who : Magic Bus (The Ultimate Collection)
Open Mind : Magic Potion (The Open Mind)
Jimi Hendrix : Spanish Castle Magic (Axis : Bold As Love)
Mahogany Rush : Magic Man (Maxoom)
Phantoms Divine Comedy : Black Magic White Magic (Part 1)
Peter Green : Black Magic Woman (Vintage Years)
Heart : Magic Man (Dreamboat Annie)
John Berberian : The Magic Ground (Middle Eastern Rock)
Circus 2000 : Magic Bean (Circus 2000)
Junipher Greene : Magical Garden (Friendship)
Cosmos Factory : Magic Window (Black Hole)
Orang-Utan : Magical Playground (Orang-Utan)

Artwork : Mahogany Rush

Sessions with Jimbo 136

It’s part 1 of who knows how many punk rock shows. I have teamed up with my kid to bring the best set of shows possible. We have old school and new school punk. As well as pop punk, ska punk and bubblegum punk. On part 1 tonight I will bring you jams from the following:
#nofx #avail #sickofitall #thebronx #thebouncingsouls #riseagainst #badreligion #badbrains #theataris #theexploited #thedistillers #theoffspring #midtown #blink182 #sum41 #greenday #lessthanjake #operationivy