Hour of the Riff, Ep. 201

Hour of the Riff is back and on the road to 300! In this week’s episode, we squeeze the dregs out of 2020 with new tunes from Superlord, Green Druid and Lord Drunkalot and take a look at 2021 with previews of the Starified, Sonic Flower and Jakethehawk albums.

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 15-12-2020

Dark Buddha Rising : Mahathgata III (Mathreyata) Svart 
Lunatic Soul : The Passage (Through Shaded Woods) Kscope 
Onségen Ensemble : Fear (Fear) Svart  
Pescado Rabioso : Serpiente (Viaja Por La Sal) (Desatormentándonos) Microfon
Buffalo Tombs : Mishkhan (The Tabernacle) (Merkabah/Hekhalot) Forbidden Place Records 
Neptunian Maximalism : Nganga (Éons) I, Voidhanger 

Artwork : Dark Buddha Rising

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 08-12-2020

Kairon; Irse! : Psionic Static (Polysomn) Svart
The Mars Volta : Goliath (The Bedlam in Goliath) Universal
The End : Kraka Rorde Sig Aldrig Mer (Allt Ar Intent) Rare Noise
WorldService Project : Sex Lies Lies and Lies (Hiding in Plain Sight) Rare Noise
Goat the Head : The Call of Ixodes (The Call of Ixodes) Crispin Glover
Mr.Bungle : Methematics (The Raging Wrath if the Easter Bunny) Ipecac
Kraan : M.C. Escher (Kraan) Spiegelei
Møster! : Unhorsed by Chivalry (States of Minds) Hubro
The Janitors : Indifferent State (Noisolation Sessions Vol1) Cardinal Fuzz

Artwork : Kairon; Irse!

Session with Jimbo, Ep. 204

Tonight on this Session. Instead of posting the list I decided to play the list. My top songs for 2020 according to Spotty. Well, not all of them. They wouldn’t fit into just 1 hour. So I have a few pieces of ear Candy for your brain. So join me at 9PM Eastern for a crazy ride.

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 1-12-2020

Orange Factory series pt2 : 2000 and 2001, the birth of the “stoner sessions” and the start of a wonderful collaboration with Malleus! 

Karma To Burn : Eight (Wild Wonderfull Purgatory)
Leadfoot : Take A Look (Take A Look)
Dozer : Lightyears Ahead (In the Tail of A Comet)
Candybar Planet : Dirttrack (32 Bitch)
Ufomammut : Snake (Godlike Snake)
Sons of Otis : Mile High (Temple Ball)
Electric Wizard : Barbarian (Dopethrone)
Insider : Divine Breath (Jammin’for A Smiling God)
Lowrider : Flat Earth (Ode To Io)
35007 : Von Braun (Sea of Tranquillity)
Celestial Season : Stardust (Chrome)
Mark D : The Hobnail Paisley (The Silent Treatment)
Mammoth Volume : Seagull (Noara Dance) 
Hypnos 69 : A Neverending Enigma (Timeline Traveller)
That’s All Folks : Marigold (Soma…Third Way to Zion)
Colour Haze : Outside (Ewige Blumenkraft)
The Atomic Bitchwax : Gettin’ Old
The Mushroom River Band : To the World Beyond
Sixty Watt Shaman : Low Earth Orbit
Pawnshop : Supersonic Device

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 200!

Hour of the Riff hits 200 and we’re doing what we always do – bringing you awesome new music. This week, we’ve got Troll Teeth, Vokonis, Electric Hydra and The Grand Astoria playing their new jams!

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 24-11-2020

Causa Sui : Szabodelico (Szabodelico) El Paraiso
Kings of the Valley : At the Gate (Kings of the Valley) Wonderful & Strange records
The Pink Moon : T.L.G. (Cosmic Heart Attack) Crispin Glover
Mugstar : Star Cage (Graft) Cardinal Fuzz
Magic Bus : Yantra Tunnels (Phillip the Egg) Back to the Garden Records
Heave Blood and Die : Radio Silence (Post People) 
Gösta Berlings Saga : The Shortcomings of Efficiency (Et Ex) Inside Out Music
Weed : Sweet Morning Light (Weed) Philips
Øresund Space Collective : Approach (Four Riders Take Space Mountain) Space Rock Productions

Artwork : Øresund Space Collective

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 199

Hour Of The Riff 199 is getting heavy with DVNE, French with Starmonger and Qilin and epic with Enigma Experience.

The Desert, Ep. 115


Tonight on The Desert, it’s all about keyboards!

Lucifer – Solomon’s ring
Kraftwerk – Heavy metal kids
Modulo 1000 – Turpe est sinecrine caput
Tangerine Dream – Cloudburst flight
Bruce Haak – Word game
500 FT. of Pipe – Wear it out
The Dead Weather – Are ‘friends’ electric?
Zombi – Surface to air
Sula Bassana – Sandwaves

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 17-11-2020

Molassess : Formless Hands (Through The Hollow) Season of Mist 
Kairon;IRSE! : Welcome Blue Valkyrie (Polysomn) Svart 
Polymoon : Läzaward (Caterpillars of Creation) Svart
Yatra : All Is Lost (All Is Lost) Grimoire Records
Rozamov : Serpent Cult (This Mortal Road) Dullest Records
Draconian : The Sacrificial Flame (Under A Godless Veil) Season of Mist
Celestial Season : Long Forlorn Tears (The Secret Teachiongs) Burning World 
Bakery : Holocaust (Momento) Black Rose Records

Artwork : Bakery