Finding DiRT E.010b

After a weekend spent in a heightened sense of thankfulness, and spent with family and friends, I hope you’ll enjoy this last half of songs to be thankful for that all came from albums released 25 years ago.
Should be fun for your ears!
Thanks for enjoying the second half of this special feast!

Set List:
1 9 9 6 . M i n i . T i m e . C a p s u l e
P a r t . B
“float” . 0:01:00
“Wasting” . 0:05:53
“Insect” . 0:09:50
“Birds” . 0:14:08
(BD cover) . 0:17:16
“Frogs” . 0:22:54
“No Place” . 0:30:47
“Floods” . 0:34:16
“Wind” . 0:41:14
“Eye” . 0:46:56

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 250

The year is coming to an end and the last big release week is upon us. New King Buffalo, Heiress and Wolftooth all feature, as well the latest from Twin Serpents, Iah and more, on the big 250!

The Desert, Ep. 149

On this episode, we bring you songs of the Nooooooo​!​!​! VOLUME II compilation for the Trigger Cut disaster relief you lost all their stuff after a fire in their studio/rehearsal space.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 249

2021 has one month left but the new music ain’t stopping! Check out the latest from Low Orbit, Morganthus, Fostermother, Agnes Vein and more on Hour of the Riff 249!

The Desert, Ep. 148

8 tracks from the compilation “Nooooooo​!​!​! a Trigger Cut Disaster Relief” who lost everything in a fire of their practice space/studio. You can buy it by clicking on the link below and also contribute to the fund raiser on the second link…

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 248

After last week’s detour, it’s back to the new shit on Hour of the Riff 248! New tracks from Volcanova, Sleepwulf and Green Desert Water, with debut appearances from Blind Tendril and Scrying Stone will scratch your riff itch.

The Desert, Ep. 147

In Memoriam, we celebrate Tony Jacome’s life with his music… Tony lost his battle against cancer and all proceeds from the Shallow North Dakota bandcamp link posted below will go to help the Jacome family. Thank you for supporting them. Rest in power Tony.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 247

It’s my birthday! To celebrate, I’m playing some of my favourite stoner rock songs from the Hour of the Riff era! So tune in for some bangers from Kaiser, Murcielago, The Age of Truth and more! JP

The Desert, Ep. 146

On this episode, we bring you not one, not two but three interviews done during a show last week! Enjoy what Seum, Cell Press and Greber had to say with some of their latest music. Oh, and there’s 70s stuff too…