The Schizophonic, Ep. 136

Whats Up Trendkillers? On this session we play a bunch of my buddy Bruce Lambert’s favorite bands. He is going through some struggles right now and we over at Trendkill Radio wanted to help him pass the time. This one is heavy. Originally aired 3/30/21 at 9pm EST only on 
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Hour of the Riff, Ep. 216

There’s been quite a lot of new music lately and Hour of the Riff aims to bring you the best! So hit play to hear the new stuff from Greenleaf, The Buzzards of Fuzz, Draken and Dollar Llama, with previews of the upcoming Somnuri, Motorpsycho and Hekate records.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 215

Yes, that is a Simpsons version of Sleep’s Dopesmoker. It’s also the album art for the new Dr. Colossus record coming this May and you can hear the new single Pickabar, along with the latest from Dunbarrow, Alastor, Clouds Taste Satanic and more on Hour of the Riff Episode 215

Doomed & Stoned Choice Cuts (S1Ep8)

~Season 1, Episode 8~

This week, we’ll explore the theme of Cosmic Doom, with expansive galactic pieces from Slomatics, Space Witch, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, DÖ, Ered Gulder, and more!

Remember, you can catch Choice Cuts live every Thursday at 6pm PST, 9pm EST at!

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Hour of the Riff, Ep. 214

Episode 214 brings you new music from Ripple Music (Thunder Horse and Moon Coven), some awesome Swedish stoner metal from Haxmastaren and the latest from Greece with new tracks from 2 Headed Dogs and Khirki.

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 171

Settle in and set your controls toward the heart of the new sun rising. Hidden within the darkest corners are the newest artists creeping forward with their focus on the attack! Join your host for Monuments in Ruin Episode 171 as we start to scratch the surface on some of the newest release hitting the scene. Featuring tracks from Acid Mammoth, Spelljammer, Lykantropi, Datura4 Band, LizZard and more! New broadcast every Monday at 9pm Eastern on Trendkill Radio 📻 Join our community at @Trendkillradiogroup

Originally aired on on March 15th, 2021.
Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 171 Intro
(00:40) Datura4 – Looper
(05:33) Acid Mammoth – White Hag
(10:35) Einherjer – Stars
(16:02) Sunburned Hand of the Man – Flex
(19:59) Caberet Voltaire – Billion Dollar
(25:34) Spelljammer – Bellweather
(33:17) Cryptodira – Ontology of Pain
(38:34) The Third Power – Gettin’ Together
(42:53) Hard Stuff – Roll a Rocket
(48:10) Lizzard – Blowdown
(54:58) Lykantropi – Mother of Envy