Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 159

Brand New Hour Of The Riff hits hard right here!!! And by hard hitting, here’s what we can tell you about today’s show. Jonny is bringing the FIRST LISTEN of Zakk Sabbath’s cover of “Evil Woman” taken from their re-recording of Black Sabbath for the 50th anniversary. He’s also got loads of new music from StonusLowriderElephant TreeDisastroid and Pale Mare.

Here’s a bit more about today’s premiere, from Blasko… the band has re-recorded the first Black Sabbath album in it’s entirety for a limited edition release via Magnetic Eye Records. This is a stand alone single of Evil Woman that was the first Black Sabbath single released in the UK. It will be released on 12 inch vinyl soon but Hour of the Riff was given the exclusive first spin.

Songs To Nowhere, Ep. 67

We’re stoked to zone out on a brand new episode of Songs to Nowhere. Better than coffee and a better mix than whatever your workplace sounds like, with tracks from King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardBambaraSNAPPED ANKLESConferência InfernoElephant Stone and way more.

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 164

Tonight I bring some of the best available on Bandcamp. Join me for some dank jams from the following contributors, including 2 homegrown bands from MD: 
#ageofindica #thejudge #roughspells #jackietreehornave #mounthush#thessellfellas #weedruid #bailjack #bongofcthulhu

The Desert, Ep. 79

Amazing oldies and wonderful noise from today. Also, a new track twenty years in the making!


Sir Lord Baltimore – Hard rain fallin’
Atomic Rosster – I can’t take it no more
Bang – Future shock
UFO – Boogie
Young Flowers – Take warning
SUMA​ – Brest
The Christpunchers​ – Double negative
Elder​ – Illusory motion
Lowrider​ – Red river
Yob​ – Nothing to win

Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe, 11-02-2020

What an amazing new show from Benny and the crew at Wake Up. As usual, it’s an eclectic mix of the best rock and metal on the planet, including tracks from Corrosion Of ConformitySalvadore RossNovembers DoomAlcest and way more. You may want to protect your speakers, cause they’re going to turn themselves up.

Alcest : L’ile de Morts (Spiritual Instinct) Nuclear Blast
Novembers Doom : The Clearing Blind (Nephilim Groove) Prophecy Productions 
C.O.C. : Damned For All Time (Blind) Relativity
Rush : YYZ (Moving Pictures) Anthem Records 
Cynic : How Could I (Focus) RoadRunner Records
Salvadore Ross : Into the Desert (The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross) Magnaphone
Rosalie Cunningham : Ride On My Bike (Rosalie Cunningham) Cherry Red Records 
EYE : Lost Are The Years (Second Sight) Self Release

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 158

It’s a bit of a world tour on this week’s episode of Hour of the Riff, starting in Greece with Villagers of Ioaninna City and finishing in Singapore with Marijannah. There’s new music in the middle from Italy, India and The Netherlands, from Jackie Treehorn Ave., Diarchy and Baardvader so get your passports ready for a world tour of riffs!

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 157

One month down and 2020 has already delivered some meaty goods. This week’s batch comes from Baardvader, Fostermother, Paradise, Rough Spells and Goatriders!

Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe, 04-02-2020

Coogans Bluff : Zephyr (Metronopolis) Noisolution
Ozo : Nuclear Fuel (Saturn) Riot Season
Big Scenic Nowhere : The Glim (Vision Beyond Horizon) Heavy Psych Sounds
Spacetrucker : The Stranger (Turned to Stone Chapter 1 : Enter Galactic Wasteland) Ripple
Waterless Hills : They Squatted by the Tank in the Light of A Lantern (The Great Mountain) Cardinal Fuzz
Giöbia : Parhelion (Plasmatic Idol) Heavy Psych Sounds
Diagonal : Cannon Misfire (Diagonal) Rise Above
Steamhammer : Telegram (Speech) Brain

Artwork : Ozo (Saturn)

Songs To Nowhere, Ep. 66

Time for some Monday morning metal meditation. Better than coffee… we’re prepping a brand new Songs to Nowhere for launch into the world. Featuring Las CobrasFarflung (official Site)The Cosmic DeadNaxatrasCALIBRO 35 and more!

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 162

On episode 162. It’s a MAD MAD WORLD. Join me as I take out all of my anxiety and put it in to song. You will here jams from the following: #clutch #deerlord #20watttombstone #leftlanecruiser #transylvaniastud#acidmammoth #pinkcigs #loserfur #kayleth #sageness #orc#crowhunter