Hour of the Riff, Ep. 198

After last week’s request show, we’re back to the new music on Hour of the Riff 198. Check out the new jams from Torito, Serpents of Secrecy, Dö, Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol and more.

Sonic Collective, EP. 100!

On Friday the 13th nonetheless!

We’ve hit 100 episodes on The Sonic Collective! But nothings really changed, this show will still be kicking you in the face and I’ll still be playing the same bands I love to play. But….you may want to listen to this one today.

The Desert, Ep. 114


Tonight on The Desert, we’re all over the place with classics form different era and a brand new release by Cell Press!
Sir Lord Baltimore – Kingdom comeBuffalo – Sunrise (come my way)Flower Travellin’ Band – Satori Pt.1Power Of Zeus – It couldn’t be meT2 – CDCell Press – Desert breathEYEHATEGOD – Agitation!Propaganda!Sick Of It All – Inner visionHeart Attack – From what I seeGang Green – Skate to hellDidjits – Who’s ready to get high?The Dwarves – Fuck you up and get highLes Psycho Riders – Le son d’un mondeThe Hives – Supply & demandThe Horrors – Gloves(the) Melvins – Let it be

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 10-11-2020

Pharaoh Overlord : Without Song All Will Perish (6) Rocket Recordings
Vetus Supulcrum : Call of the Nazgul (Windswept Canyons of Thule) Burning World
OVTRENOIR : Echoes (Fields of Fire) Consouling Sounds
Xibalba : Saka (Años En Inferno) Southern Lord
Psychlona : 10.000 Volts (Venus Skytrip) Ripple
Sons of Otis : Hopeless (Isolation) Totem Cat
The Gods : I Never Knew (Genesis) Columbia
Yodok III : Monstrosity We Reap (A Dreamer Ascends) Consouling Sounds

Artwork : Pharaoh Overlord

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 197

Request Show, #9

It’s part 9 of the listener request series. This time, the tracks were chosen by:

Matt Brown
Rodney Cain
Gary Acton
Glenn Oliveros
Souny Soeung
Ricardo Frankenxaven
Pierro Lefoo
Laurence Meechan

The Desert, Ep. 113


Halloween is not over as we celebrate it with great covers of songs you might know or not by bands you might know or not… Trick or treat smelly feet!

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 196

2020 is coming to an end. November is here but the new music continues to flow. Tune into Hour of the Riff 196 to hear what Ruff Majik, Wizzo, Big Oaf and Black Solstice have just let loose on the world!

Wake Up Special: Orange Factory Special Pt. 1

Orange Factory series @ Wake Up, a non-comprehensive overview of the bands that performed live on stage at Orange Factory concerts over the past 23 years. First up are the nineties!

Playlist Orange Factory series Pt1 (1997-1999)
Life After Life : Mexico (Just Trip) Alternative Tentacles
Triptych : Pater Iratus Est (Superflies) Smoeff
Hypnos 69 : Where All the Ends Unite (Wherever Time Has Shared It’s Trust) Rock’N’Roll Radio
Ovarian Trolley : House On Fire (Ciao Meow) Candy-Ass
Hazel : Quick Jerk (Are You Going to Eat That?) Sup Pop
Sabot : Join the Club (Go There Do That) Vicious Circle
KF3 : Track 1
Maya : Contemplation (Biocide) Conspiracy
35007 : Undo (35007) Stickman
The Bevis Frond : You Make Me Feel (North Circular) Woronzow
Reiziger : Honest (Our Kodo) Genet
Orange Black : Summer Quest for Summer Rest (It’s Electric) Atomic
Waawe : Voice (All Fabulous Things Turn Out to Happen)
Guapo : Action Jackson (Towers Open Fire) Power Tool

Sonic Collective, Ep. 99


It’s almost time kids…The clock is ticking. Be in front of your radios for the horror-thon.Dont miss it….And don’t forget to wear your masks.

The Desert, Ep. 112

On this episode it’s all about German 70s bands and brand new stuff from Clouds Taste Satanic​ and Fuzz! Blow your mind… BLOW YOUR SPEAKERS!