Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 170

Ganja Baby…

As the world seems like it’s coming to its end I’m going to be bringing you some great “ Ganja “ jams Westernized Reggae Rockstyle. You might wanna roll one up and pass it around while you enjoy some great sounds from the following: #michaelfranti #fortunateyouth #rebelution #tribalseeds #thegreen #kashdout #sundriesvibes #resinated #treehouse #oogeewawa #colliebudz #theexpendables #slightlystoopid #themovement So let’s just sit back for an hour and free our minds. Turn off the news and shutdown the tv.

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 168

That 70’s Show, Part 2!

That’s about all Jimmy’s given us about this show. We know this makes you overly curious about what’s on this show and you will not be able to resist hitting play. Go ahead… we don’t blame you… you know it’s going to be awesome! Hit play!

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 165 – Samples From The Lab

So, tonight I give you some music education. That’s right, I introduce to you the art of sampling. On top of a few hip hop jams, I mixed in some soul and sprinkled in some spoken word. So join me for an interesting yet entertaining night of some smooth tunes to ease into your weekend. You will hear some masterpieces from the following:
#koolandthegang #rufusthomas #digableplanets #dangelo #garybartz#weatherreport #chuckjackson #atribecalledquest #erykahbadu#arethafranklin #gregoryisaacs #mosdef #slyandthefamilystone#gilscottheron
And to celebrate Dilla month. I’ll bring you background beats from #jdilla .

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep.160

So hey yeah… Join me tonight as I dig into some old Spin magazines to bring some of the finest tunes ever. We go 10 years back to start this SPIN CYCLE ! I’m bringing you jams from: #willowz #photogram #againstme #toadies #kulisa #off#socialdistortiom #dirtbombs #dangermouse #meatpuppets #poisoncontrol#bostonspaceship
#deertick #common #blackhippy #jeffbridges


Special Lady Time with Dead Betty, Ep. 4

Me and my mama recorded a podcast last month when my parents came to visit for Christmas. She will be with me on Saturday Jan 18th at our booth at United We Stand- Cincinnati – please come say hi! We will have shirts and other merch and a raffle for some great stuff!

Rabbit Trails, Path 48

On the last Path of this season:
Tune in with David Scott as he digs through some old lost gems and some new gems that need to be discovered! You’ll hear a brand new track from Matthew Paul Butler! It’s something fresh and new! Also classics such as JJ Cale and the Hollies.
So pour yourself something good, spark up whatever you normally spark up and come join this crazy ride!

Rabbit Trails, Path 47

It’s time to pick up the pace a little!
Come hang out with David Scott for an hour with some party tunes of the 60’s, deep garage rock and a hell of a lot more!
Make yourself a drink or whatever it is you do and come have a good time!

Featuring tracks from The Tremeloes, The Velvelettes, The Box Tops, Bobby Blue Bland, Fats Domino and more.

Rabbit Trails, Path 46

Do you like rock n’ roll and blues? This is the place for you!
Come hang out with me for an hour and get lost in some Rabbit Trails. Pour your favorite cocktail and forget about the daily grind! Featuring tracks from Long John Baldry, J.J. Cale, Roy Gallagher, George Harrison, Jd McPherson and more.

Rabbit Trails, Path 45

Deep cuts from the best rock, rhythm and blues! Featuring Little Walter, Bobby Womack and The Lively Ones.

Rabbit Trails, Path 44

It’s time to sit back, relax, sip on something and groove to some early deep cuts from the best in soul and R&B.
This is Souldies #04!