Real Country

Dollar Country, Ep. 150

Rabe Perkins – Does the World See Jesus In You
Leon Boulanger – The Hurting Song
Jim Whitlock The Singing Cherokee – S.O.S.
Lattie Moore – Drunk Again
Outpost Scotty and his Bar-X Boys – Shot Gun Boogie
Tedd Phillips – Billy The Kid
Toni Dae – Swamp Boy
Gene Simmons – Lizard Man
Junior Thompson – How Come You Do Me?
Ella Stanley – Daddy Was A Baptist Preacher Man
Bob Goff & The Bluegrass Buddies – Don’t Be Afraid
C.O. “Hayseed” Thomas with Country Cousins – The Legend Of Old Joe Bladwin
Ken Harrison – Cheri
Kenny Huskey – I Fall To Pieces
Laure Lynn Hayes – There Goes Daddy
Jim Sparks – Unlock My Heart
The Kimberleys – God Bless John Wayne

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Dollar Country, Ep. 149

I Can’t Forget the Past

Jimmy C Newman – You’re Still On My Mind
Jerry Jericho – What Right Have I
Chuck Bolen – Your Love Didn’t Die
Joan Harris – Whose Ox Is Being Gored
Vernon Stewart – The Way It Feels To Die
Rodger Wilhoit – I’ve Spent My Time In Hell Loving You
Larry Meyer – The Auctioneering Bank Cashier
Van Trevor – Our Side
Jack Simpson – A Bottle Of Cheer
Bob Newman – Lonesome Sailor’s Dream
Johnny Dee – It’s Four In The Morning
The Singing Jones Family – I’m Just Another Girl
Carl Esterby – Don’t Let Our Boy Forget
Jim Drenon – Life Of A Beggar
Little Miss Sabra – I Can’t Forget The Past
The Berrier Brothers – Sunny Side Of The Mountain
Bill and Jeanie Kay – We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds

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Dollar Country, Ep. 148

Make Me a Pallet

Alex, Olabelle & Deacon and the New River Boys – Handsome Molly
Bill Box and The Dixie Drifers – Forty Miles Of Bad Road
Frank Necessary and The Stone Mountain Boys – Can Love Conquer Me
Lefty Herman Crocher – My Defeated Heart
Bobbi Jo Hattaway – Goodbye My Love
Gene Hall – Yes By George
Green River Boys – Kentucky Means Paradise
Jim Whitlock The Singing Cherokee – Cherry Red Wine
Doc Watson – Make Me A Pallet
Jimmy Key – Spellbound
Buck Owens – There Goes My Love
Bob Landy – Ball Room Was Empty
Thumper Jones – How Come It
Bobby Buttram – Somethin’ Else
Sis Badgett – Cheating Again
Mary McCoy – Please Don’t Blame Me
Oscar Shields and The Shiloh Playboys – Jewel Of The Hills
Wayne Raney – We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock And Roll)

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Dollar Country, Ep. 146

Prison Grey

Jim Whitlock The Singing Cherokee – You’ll Just Waste Your Life
Rosalind Smith – I Wish I Knew
Janet Rose – Okie From Muskogee
Dodie Frost & Jack Kimmel – My Trailways Bus Driver
Joyce Mills – Cry On My Shoulder
Mildred Morris – I Only Wanted Your Love
Dee Mullins – Prison Grey
Arkey Blue – Scarlet Water (Known As Wine)
Fern Garner – Stark County Belle
Jim Murdel – Bright Lights Uptown
Rusty Wellington and Shorty Long’s Band – Lonely Lips
Bill Pollard – From The Moment You’re Born
Wendy And The Troubadours – Mama Tried
Dave Ain’t Here – Skoal Brothers
Leon And The Country Gentlemen – In The Hands Of Someone
The Sunshine Twins – Tragedy Of The Silver Bridge
Curly King – Birthday Suit

Dollar Country, Ep. 145

Life’s Meditations

Kentucky Travelers – Living My Life In Vain
Gloria Bell – Traveling The Hi-Way Home
Rainbow Twins – Southern Moon
Buck Griffin – Green River Towns
Mitchell Torok – The Haunting Waterfall
Lorne Greene – The National Glass Casket Company
Jim Nesbitt – Please Mr. Kennedy
Cole Shelton – Write Him A Letter
Bennie Hess – Life’s Meditations
Bobby Barnett – I Have No Conscience
Wilf Carter – Grandad’s Yodelling Song
Marylou Turner – Heart Don’t Listen
John Waycross – Never Meant To Be
The Whipps – I’m Lost
Barney & Rose Mary Oakes – It’s All Over Now (But The Crying)
Lou Smith – You’re Always A Winner
Dave Howell – Truckin’
Billy D. Ward – I Didn’t Stop Dancin’

Dollar Country, Ep. 143

The Osborne Brothers and Red Allen – Love Pains
Sally Marcum – Go Go Girls
Gene Tyndall – Whipporwill Serenade
Chuck Price – Sweet Peace Of Mind
Whitey Carson – Ramblin’ Eyes (Gamblin Heart)
Rube Rogers – Ten In The Book
Cordell Roberts – The Man Who Walked Eight Miles
Ray Holly – I’ll Take The Blame
Linda Webb – Running Around On Me Blues
Bill Brown – The Heart That You’ve Been Walkin’ On
Lester Rose – Wino Blues
Sylvia Stevens – Standing On The Outside
Leon Payne – Fatal Letter
Jimmy Parks – Mary, Dear
Barb & the Country Persuaders – Alone Again
The Owens Brothers & The Dixie Strings – Heart Don’t Cry
Tex Owens – Walking In The Sunshine Of Our Love

Dollar Country, Ep. 142

Roy Kelly – I’m A Driver For The A.T.A.
Jerry Evans – I’m Walking The Dog
Tom McDonald – Diesel 303
Johnny Mitchum – Prettiest Little Girl In Arkansaas
Linda Manning – The Girl From Saginaw Michigan
Kenny Holiday – We Always Want What We Can’t Have
Hoyle Miller – Twelve Years On Death Row
The Eddy Trio with Jimmy Derr – You’re Gonna Break My Heart
Vikkie Louise and Jimmy West – Fearless Fred
Dub Jones – Born To Be Lonesome
Hal Kapper & Rhythm Playboys – Echoes Whisper Your Name
Bonnie Lois – Poison Honey
Bob Fryfogle – Six Feet Under
Junie Lou – Mountain Gold
Sally Shearer & The 101 Ranch Boys – Time Will Heal My Broken Heart
Tex Wayne – I’d Clime The Highest Mountain
Earl Hughes – Mechanical Bull Riding Cowboy

Dollar Country, Ep. 141

Dollar Country Episode 141: Government Cheese
Air: 7/7/21-7/13/21

Bud & Red – All God’s Children
The Manuels – No Salt On The Beans
Red Reeves – They Don’t Pick Cotton In Chicago
Larry Good & The Countrymen – This Old Broken Heart Of Mine
Johnny Selph – My Gal’s Outa Her Tree Again
Jean Sackett – Seven Beers
Jim Bledsoe and The Manuwells – Goverment Cheese
Drryl Jacobs And The Dixie Revelers – Tomorrow Will Be Your Wedding
The Wagoners – Lay Down Your Head (And Cry)
Marla Mason – Walk The Floor
Charlie Davis – Satisfied Mind
Jim McCall & Benny Birchfield – Divorced But Not Free
The Chiva Bus Bluegrass Band – Digging The Panama Canal
Al Perry – What Ever Turns You On (Is All Right With Me)
Carl Phillips – I Read You Loud And Clear
Ernie Ashworth – Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
Chuck Penny – Florida Man
Frank Hamilton – Cincinnati’s Rose

Max Wax Live!, Vol. 99

Special Guest Host: Scott Risner

Serious vinyl listening… and serious music talk! We have the shredder extraordinaire from Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle, Mr. Scott Risner , joining us and he’s bringing a stack of wax full of rock, grass and soul to introduce us to. Grab some insight into where he’s been, where the Hustle is headed and what music really makes him tick.

Dollar Country, Ep. 139

Dollar Country Episode 139: Act Naturally

Gary McCray and Tanglewood – Eye Tooth
Larry Good – Money Troubles
Bobby Hughes – Let The Phone Ring One Time
Pete R. Laumbach – A Day To Remember
Benny Sherwood – Until Frankie Says Yes
Ikey Sweat – I Could Never Pass A Honky Tonk
Jim Webb – When You Snooze You Lose
Bobby Denver – Act Naturally
Judy Hall – My Old Used To Be
Jim Owen – The Key’s In The Mail Box
Paula Fowler – You Won’t Find The Answer
Roy Baker and The Gospel Tones – The Tornado Disasters
Bill Swyck and the Flap-Jack Band – The Great Stampede
Faron Young – That’s What I’d Do For You
Don Eddings – Bottles That Surround Me
Bobby Boyle – On A Mountain High
Clyde Moody – Some Day You’ll Remember
Riley Crabtree – Big Man