Real Country

Dollar Country, Ep. 157

Tacos for Two

Howard Bratcher – Playboy
Howard Bratcher – Out There Again
Jesse Mattingly – Till My Money Run Out
Tommy Hancock and the Border Patrol – Tacos For Two
The Kentucky Mountain Boys – You’re Not Easy To Forget
Arkey Blue and the Blue Cowboys – Too Many Pills
Arkey Blue – Daddy’s Sick Again
Buddy Pruitt – I’m Learning Now
Chuck Penny – Florida Man
Sue Coffman – Rig Pushing Man
Patsy Cline – How Can I Face Tomorrow
Patsy Cline – A Church, A Courtroom, Then Goodbye
Curt Gibson – Cold Steel Door
Lyle Johnson – You’re Gone
The Odds & Ends – Vicious Circle
Leroy Lane and The Wranglers – I’m Gonna Be Rich
Jim “Cherokee” Whitlock – Cherry Red Wine
Tommie Peairce and The Country Gentleman – Part Time Man
The Country Boys – Just Joshing

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Dollar Country, Ep. 156

Fly By Night Dig Trip 2021

Charline Arthur – Leave My Man Alone
Joe “Cannonball” Lewis – Truck Drivers Night Run Blues
Mimi Roman – Cheater’s Luck
Jim Compton – My Shadow Is Crying
The Last Mile Ramblers – The Hurrier I Go (The Behinder I Get)
The Oklahoma Wranglers – Warm Beer And A Cold, Cold Woman
Jimmy Fautheree – Can’t Find The Door Nob
Dennis Hunt and his Hunters – So Long, So Lonely, So Blue
Tibby Edwards – I Asked For More
Bob Graves – The Hangman’s Come To Town
Dave Conley – The World You Live In
Don Reed – Mean Woman Blues
Rose Maddox – What Makes Me Hang Around
Leon Rausch – Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
Eddy akridge – Handcuff Our Hearts
Chuck Hendon – Cold Water
Johnnie Lee Wills – Lazy John

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Dollar Country, Ep. 154

A Tombstone Every Mile

Jeanie Holloway – Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Love
Tommy Hill – Diddle Diddle Dumpling
Eddie Noack – The Fall-Out (Keeps On Hurting)
George Kent – Hitting The Bottle—Missing You
J.D. Green – It’s Nothing To Me
Sonny Osborn – Down The Road
Delmar Delaney and The Windy Mountain Boys – Freight Train
Wilson Brothers – Dear Old Dixie
Mike Miller & Jack Casey And the Stone Mt. Boys – The Banjo And The Butterfly
The Justice Brothers – The Tragedy Of John F. Kennedy
The Heavy Cowboys feat. Carolina Charlie Wiggs – Goodbye Swingers
Janet Moore – One Of His Fools
Freda Collier – How Could You Leave Me
Del Dyer – The Family Bible
Gene Ragas and The Pan Handlers – South Of New Orleans
Barnett Bros – Tragedy Of Silver Bridge
Dick Curless – A Tombstone Every Mile

Dollar Country, Ep. 153

Born Loser

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01 Bud Alden and The Buckaroos – When The Ice Worms Nest Again
02 Joe Reeves – Ozark Mountain Banjo
03 Don Boots – Wild Side Of Life
04 Ted Doyle – My Baby’s Gone Again
05 Tex Thurman – Bull By The Horn
06 Gay Sherwood and The Country Boys – Proud Mary
07 Bennie Hess – Attempted Assassination Of George Wallace
08 Otha Howard & Brothers – Viet Nam
09 The Carter Family – The Titanic
10 J.D. Jarvis – The Hyden Miner’s Tragedy
11 Frank Starr – Tragedy At the Sunshine Mine
12 Ron McFarlin – The Death Of Bobby Darin
13 Roaslie Fierce – Portrait Of My Husband
14 Marsha lyn – The Best Part Of Me
15 Bryant Wilson and the Kentucky Gamblers – Steppin’ In Daddy’s Tracks
16 Dan Marshall – Born Loser

Dollar Country, Ep. 152

Walt Scott and the Corn Huskers – Heavens Golden Tower
Arnold Silva – Get Thee Behind Me Satan
Charles C. Marshall – The Little Church By The road
The Noeton Quartet – Standing By The River
Country Four Quartet – God Sent His Son
The Sunshine Quartet – Welcome Home
Lee Mace & His Ozark Opry – Resurrection Morning
Cecil Hickman & The King’s Highway Quartet – I Know My Lords Going To Lead Me Out
Frazier Gospelaires – Echo’s From The Burning Brush
Charles E. Sivley – One Of His
Westmore Ramblers – Reuinion In Heaven
James Coleman Jr. – God Was In The Burning Bush
Sullivan Family – Family Reunion
Patsy Prescott – My God Is Real
Jackie And Arlen with The Southern Gospel Singers – When I Get Up To Heaven
Brenda Vaughn with The Sherman Tomes Trio – Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Dollar Country, Ep. 150

Rabe Perkins – Does the World See Jesus In You
Leon Boulanger – The Hurting Song
Jim Whitlock The Singing Cherokee – S.O.S.
Lattie Moore – Drunk Again
Outpost Scotty and his Bar-X Boys – Shot Gun Boogie
Tedd Phillips – Billy The Kid
Toni Dae – Swamp Boy
Gene Simmons – Lizard Man
Junior Thompson – How Come You Do Me?
Ella Stanley – Daddy Was A Baptist Preacher Man
Bob Goff & The Bluegrass Buddies – Don’t Be Afraid
C.O. “Hayseed” Thomas with Country Cousins – The Legend Of Old Joe Bladwin
Ken Harrison – Cheri
Kenny Huskey – I Fall To Pieces
Laure Lynn Hayes – There Goes Daddy
Jim Sparks – Unlock My Heart
The Kimberleys – God Bless John Wayne

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Dollar Country, Ep. 149

I Can’t Forget the Past

Jimmy C Newman – You’re Still On My Mind
Jerry Jericho – What Right Have I
Chuck Bolen – Your Love Didn’t Die
Joan Harris – Whose Ox Is Being Gored
Vernon Stewart – The Way It Feels To Die
Rodger Wilhoit – I’ve Spent My Time In Hell Loving You
Larry Meyer – The Auctioneering Bank Cashier
Van Trevor – Our Side
Jack Simpson – A Bottle Of Cheer
Bob Newman – Lonesome Sailor’s Dream
Johnny Dee – It’s Four In The Morning
The Singing Jones Family – I’m Just Another Girl
Carl Esterby – Don’t Let Our Boy Forget
Jim Drenon – Life Of A Beggar
Little Miss Sabra – I Can’t Forget The Past
The Berrier Brothers – Sunny Side Of The Mountain
Bill and Jeanie Kay – We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds

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Dollar Country, Ep. 148

Make Me a Pallet

Alex, Olabelle & Deacon and the New River Boys – Handsome Molly
Bill Box and The Dixie Drifers – Forty Miles Of Bad Road
Frank Necessary and The Stone Mountain Boys – Can Love Conquer Me
Lefty Herman Crocher – My Defeated Heart
Bobbi Jo Hattaway – Goodbye My Love
Gene Hall – Yes By George
Green River Boys – Kentucky Means Paradise
Jim Whitlock The Singing Cherokee – Cherry Red Wine
Doc Watson – Make Me A Pallet
Jimmy Key – Spellbound
Buck Owens – There Goes My Love
Bob Landy – Ball Room Was Empty
Thumper Jones – How Come It
Bobby Buttram – Somethin’ Else
Sis Badgett – Cheating Again
Mary McCoy – Please Don’t Blame Me
Oscar Shields and The Shiloh Playboys – Jewel Of The Hills
Wayne Raney – We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock And Roll)

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Dollar Country, Ep. 146

Prison Grey

Jim Whitlock The Singing Cherokee – You’ll Just Waste Your Life
Rosalind Smith – I Wish I Knew
Janet Rose – Okie From Muskogee
Dodie Frost & Jack Kimmel – My Trailways Bus Driver
Joyce Mills – Cry On My Shoulder
Mildred Morris – I Only Wanted Your Love
Dee Mullins – Prison Grey
Arkey Blue – Scarlet Water (Known As Wine)
Fern Garner – Stark County Belle
Jim Murdel – Bright Lights Uptown
Rusty Wellington and Shorty Long’s Band – Lonely Lips
Bill Pollard – From The Moment You’re Born
Wendy And The Troubadours – Mama Tried
Dave Ain’t Here – Skoal Brothers
Leon And The Country Gentlemen – In The Hands Of Someone
The Sunshine Twins – Tragedy Of The Silver Bridge
Curly King – Birthday Suit

Dollar Country, Ep. 145

Life’s Meditations

Kentucky Travelers – Living My Life In Vain
Gloria Bell – Traveling The Hi-Way Home
Rainbow Twins – Southern Moon
Buck Griffin – Green River Towns
Mitchell Torok – The Haunting Waterfall
Lorne Greene – The National Glass Casket Company
Jim Nesbitt – Please Mr. Kennedy
Cole Shelton – Write Him A Letter
Bennie Hess – Life’s Meditations
Bobby Barnett – I Have No Conscience
Wilf Carter – Grandad’s Yodelling Song
Marylou Turner – Heart Don’t Listen
John Waycross – Never Meant To Be
The Whipps – I’m Lost
Barney & Rose Mary Oakes – It’s All Over Now (But The Crying)
Lou Smith – You’re Always A Winner
Dave Howell – Truckin’
Billy D. Ward – I Didn’t Stop Dancin’