Real Country

Dollar Country, Ep. 131

Dollar Country Episode 131: Mainline

Tex Thurman – I’m Having My Laugh Now
Eddie Noack – Scarecrow
Big Jim Edwards – So Undecided
Ralph Chamberlain – You’ll Be The Sad One
Buddy Pruitt – Who Am I Fooling
Glenn Thompson – King Of The Endless Highways
The Moonlighters – Mainline
The Elder Brothers – In Echo Canyon
Ted Doyle – Just One More Glass
Bill Snow and Sonny Woodring – The Hands You’re Holding Now
Bob Eaton – Don’t You Know Me Anymore
Tex Zario – Between The Lines
Bink Burns – Muddy River
Jimmy Work – I Never Thought I Have The Blues
The Combinations – Here’s To Love Again
Troy Hess – Little Nita
Baker Brothers – The Mine Explosive
Buck “Pepper” Jones – Don’t Pity Me

Dollar Country, Ep. 121

A special episode today, this one was a patreon/radio only episode that I’m releasing wholesale. Cheers

01 Arlie Duff – You All Come (1953)
02 Sonny Burns – Too Hot To Handle (1953)
03 Eddie Noack – Don’t Trade (1954)
04 Glenn Barber – Ice Cold Water (1954)
05 Arlie Duff – Fifteen Cents A Sop (1955)
06 Eddie Noack – Wind Me Up (1955)
07 George Jones – Still Hurtin’ (1955)
08 Leon Payne – You Can’t Lean On Me (1956)
09 George Jones – I’m Ragged But I’m Right (1956)
10 Benny Barnes – Poor Man’s Riches (1956)
11 George Jones – Just One More (1956)
12 Eddie Noack – The Worm Has Turned (1956)
13 Margie Singleton – Not What He’s Got (1957)
14 Peggy Upton & Danny Buck – Knocking (1957)
15 Margie Singleton – Take Time Out For Love (1957)
16 The Country Gentlemen – It’s The Blues (1958)
17 Darnell Miller – Cardboard Sweetheart (1958)
18 Glenn Barber – Atom Bomb (Modern Repro)

Dollar Country, Ep. 130

Dollar Country Episode 130: Pandemic Favorites

Some of my favorite finds from the past year.

Red Tuck – Power Line Man
Howard County Dump 3 Mile Island
Hank The Drifter – Hank You’re Gone (But Not Forgotten)
Bob Boswell – Fall Out
Travis Hobbs – Old Lobo The Killer
Jay Chevalier – Ballad Of Marc Elishe
Jake Tolbert – Jake’s Trip To The Goat Rock
Christy Burroughs – Swamp Guinea Legend
Linda Cassady & Urel Albert – Mom, Can I Bring Home A Friend
Dean Gross – Hello Frisco, Goodbye Viet Nam
J.C. Mitchell & The Skylanders – The Ballad Of Bogard
Skid Row Joe – Bottle Buddy
Cal Veale – Paralyzed
Texas Diamonds – Indian Love Call
Eldon Clint – Floyd Collins The Cavin’ Man
Brenda Vaughn – Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Dollar Country, Ep. 129

Dollar Country Episode 129: Prisoner In Siberia

Jack Wyatt – There’s No Bars In This Jailhouse
Cowboy Jules – The Wyoming Waltz
David Price – National Everybody Hate Me Week
Lee Joy and the Lee-Al Strings – Don’t Fight
Vin Bruce – Big Texas
Hank Riley – Consolated Egotated Love
The Nau’s – Midwest Central
Gene Morgan – Ten Wheeler Blues
Vnaice Flowers – Prisoner In Siberia
Bob (Droopy Duck) Howard – Birmingham Jail
Junie Lou and her Pine Hedge Ranch Hands – Mountain Gold
Dwight Butcher – Oh Mama Why Didn’t I Listen To You?
Johnnie And Jack – Slow Poison
Johnnie Forrer – Understand
Tex Roe – John The Baptist
Johnny Horton – When It’s Springtime In Alaska
Karen Otis – Darkened Shadows

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 174

Join your host this week as Monuments in Ruin Episode 174 takes us into the world of folk based music. Much like other genres, there are many forms of delivery for this platform. Some will drag you deep into the darkness while others will feel like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. Packed with new releases, new discoveries and some of our favorite storytellers of long ago, this is 60 minutes of diversity flowing straight from the aching souls who found courage to record them for our listening. New broadcast every Monday at 9pm Eastern on Trendkill Radio.
Who are a few of your favorite folk storytellers?

Originally aired on on April 4th, 2021.
Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 174 Intro
(00:36) Chris Cornell – Watching the Wheels
(05:02) Sturgill Simpson – Call to Arms
(08:03) John Salvage – Trade Coyote
(11:54) Blackmore’s Night – Darker Shade of Black
(17:53) Nick Drake – At The Chime of a City Clock
(23:53) John Prine – Please Don’t Bury Me
(26:39) Karima Walker – Reconstellated
(31:34) Christian Lee Hutson – Lose This Number
(35:19) Bonny Light Horseman – Bonny Light Horseman
(39:41) Townes Van Zandt – Waiting Around To Die
(42:21) Amy Ray – Oh City Man
(50:38) Ian Noe – Junk Town
(54:55) Leonard Cohen – Darkness

Dollar Country, Ep. 128

Dollar Country Episode 128: Let’s Do It Up Brown
Release: 3/31/21
Time: 58:00

Bob Creager And His Wes-Tones – Poor Loser
Patsy Cook – Uncle Sam
Dave Isbell – Let’s Do It Up Brown
Kenny Hainsworth – That Is Why I Feel The Way I Do
Gene Granville – Call Of The Honky Tonks
Jimmy Griggs – Who Will Buy The Wine
Mary Francis – TV Brainwash
Jerry Hopkins – Blonde’s Have More Fun
Gene McKown – Peace Corps
Coy Jackson – Lookout Heart
Tony Douglas – Thanks A Lot
Dave Edge & Micki Maples – Once More
Little Doc Raymond – Highway 52
Del Henry – Huslia Hustler
Glenna Dene Case – Thanks You So Much
Johnny Stills – Guilty
Becky Gage – So Long Goodbye
Feel Thomas – We Don’t Want It In Tennessee
Dean Gross – Hello Frisco, Goodbye Viet Nam

Dollar Country, Ep. 126

Dollar Country Episode 126: Big Rock Candy Mountain
Air: 3/17/21

Toothpick Tommy and the Truckers – Bip Bop
Kay Arnold – My Love Is True
Don Carter – The Finding Kind
Paul Brown – If You’ll Just Turn Me Loose
Ray Weiman – There’s Something About A Highway
Tim’s Old Man – Big Rock Candy Mountain
Clay Huddleston – Midnight
Pat Patterson – Life Can Go On With A Heartache
Durl Pittman – To Mom From Viet Nam
Gavin Dycus – Let’s Forget It
Larry Butler – Blue Tears
Bobby Williamson – Bummin’ Around
Charline Arthur – Burn That Candle
Webb Foley – Think About Livin
Betty Amos with Judy & Jean – Raven Black
Bobby Payne & Rosie Smith with The Blue Mountain Boys – I Wanted You
The Don Sohl Trio – Break My Mind
Henson Cargill – Picking White Cotton
Tommy Hill – Second Honeymoon

Dollar Country, Ep. 125

Dollar Country Episode 125: Six Months Ain’t Long
Air: 3/10/21

Sullivan Family – Fear Not
Springs Road Quartet – Satisfied With Me
Tom & Newell and The Grass Cutters – The Gambler
The Stanley Brothers – Six Months Ain’t Long
The Pike Brothers and the Pine Hill Ranchers – To Warm And Comfort You
Roger Martin – Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Walkin Charlie Aldridge – Cowtown Undertaker
Dick Hammonds – Pablo Diablo
Denver Bill & His Ranch Hands – The Nest That Is West Of The Rockies
Jim Thompson – Those Darn Women
Cousin Roy – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Hank Williams – Ramblin’ Man
Bill Willhelm – Pass The Booze
Gib Brown and Brownies – Too Late
Don Portice – Easy To Remember
Harel Meeks – Brand New Tear
Paul Cunningham – If I Had A Million Dollars

Dollar Country, Ep. 124

Dollar Country Episode 124: Whiskeytown
air date: 3/3/2021

Jack Slattery – Coonieanna Cajun
Jim James and Joyce – One Man-At-A-Time
Dave Rodgers – Whiskeyville
Bobby Carl & Carolyn Jo – What Daddy Offered Mama
Ray Pressley – You’re Part Of Me
Jimmie D. Powers – Send Back The Pieces
Dave Jones And The Dealers – The Wrong Man
Red McCoy – 3000 Miles Lonesome
Ken Linker – Hey Bartender
Billy Floyd and the Ramblers – Don’t Cry Now
Jan Eden – The Only Thing Between You Two (Is Me)
Bill Woods – Little Rose Marie
Red Foley – Atomic Power
Ruth Dalton with Wayne Johnston And The Boys – You Used To Be My Sweetheart
The Tree Tops – (Legend Of) The Fastest Gun
Lester Cash – Slim & Lefty