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Dollar Country, Ep. 100

What Am I Doing Here?

100 Episodes is an awesome achievement, so congrats to our friend Franklin the Drifter for the 100th Episode of Dollar Country! Stoked for everyone to listen to your New 2-Hour Special!!! Looking at the track listing was mind-boggling, with names like Loretta Lynn, Johnny Paycheck and Porter Wagner, so listeners, just know that it’s 2 hours of old-school (50’s/60’s) country, curated from the 45rpm Dollar Bins of America. Cheers to the next 100, our friend! We’re glad you’re here.

Dollar Country, Ep. 99

Ain’t Had Time to Quit

Brand New Episode from the Old School… Dollar Country! One of the coolest shows anywhere in the podverse, all curated from the dollar bins of America and all classics from when country music was new. This one is loaded!

Cowboy Howard Vokes – If This World Wants Peace
Bailes Brothers – Watch And Pray
Ferguson Sisters – I Can’t Feel The Same Way About You
Johnny White – If I Live To Be A Hundred
Zoro Chuck Williams – Hell On Earth
J.E. Mainer – Mainers Jew’s Harp
Roy Acuff – The Great Titanic
Kirk Hansard – Gonna’ Tie One On
Jerry Pitts & His Rhythm Makers – I Ain’t Had Time To Quit
The Boys From Shiloh – Wadin’ In The Creek
H.J. Kuntry – They Call Me H.J. Kuntry
Johnny Horton – Honky-Tonk Man
Wynn Stewart – Big, Big Love
Bud Hobbs And His Trail Herders – I’m Gonna Set You Free
Tex Dixon and Sid Linard – Little Mining Town In Walker County
Blackie Minor – Pusher Demonstration
Wayne Raney – My Pot Of Love
Charley Hicks – Grasshopper McLain
James Wilson & The Lorton Boys – Games Peopple Play

Dollar Country, Ep. 98

Your Cheating Heart… Brand New Dollar Country is here… and it’s a barn burner! Tune into the the past through Franklin’s curation of old 45 records from the days of country when outlaws were outlaws and songwriters were songwriters. Too good to miss!

Charley Woods – My Weeping Heart
Allene Yokum – A Job At Joe’s
Al Urban – Six Blocks Down
The Western Four – Butter Beans
Brother Paul Buskirk and His Little Men – Loser
Tommy Lloyd and his Strolling Cowboys – Now I Know Why
Ruben Cory and the Goodtimes – Your Cheating Heart
Rick Riddle And The River Boys – Reata Pass
The Country Gentlemen – The World’s No Place To Live
Ralph Bowman – Tragedy Of School Bus 27
Denver Duke & Jeffery Null – Hank Williams That Alabama Boy
Bobby Leed – Almost Every Day (I Come Here For A While)
Toni Dae – He Liked To Kill
Billy Pearce – Bad But Beautiful
Lee Holeman – In This Dark Room Of Mine
Donn Reynolds – Blue Mountain Waltz
The Futuras – (I’ve Got) The Homesick Blues
Lonny Roberts – Rugged But Right

Dollar Country, Ep. 97

Franklin’s rolling out the Straight Shift on this week’s Dollar Country at 11AM EST, 4PM GMT, including some Grandpa Jones and Hank Snow! Check out the only underground show in the universe that highlights old-school country straight off the 45’s they were pressed to.

The Cimarrons – Southern Fried Chicken
The Cantrells – We’re Gonna Get Married
Tom T. Hall – Ballad Of Forty Dollars
Jimmie Driftwood – The Marshal Of Silver City
Grandpa Jones – The Champion
Currier Bros. – Hear That Train A Comin’
Rex Turner and The Westerners – Jealous Heart
York Brothers – You’re My Every Dream Come True
Howard Collins & Tommy Holt – Go On Back To Him
Murphy Bennett – Now You’re Telling Me Goodbye
Gene Maness and the Conesauga Troubedours – I’m Not Sorry For You (In Your Sorrow)
Hank Snow – Hobo Bill’s Last Ride
Jenks (Tex) Carman – Dixie Cannon Ball
Jimmy Collins with Big Jim DeNoone – Straight Shift
Billy Smith – Almost
Lee Harmon – It’s The Water
Neal Hart – You Came Along
Bill Watkins – Red Cadillac

Dollar Country, Ep. 96

Dollar Country Episode 096: Forty Four Hours (1/29/20)

That’s Johnny Ringo in the picture

Charlie Huff – Lonely Me
The Eddy Trio and Jimmy Derr – Beyond These Walls
Grady owen – 36 From Dallas
Alvie Self – The Little House (On The Back Of A Truck)
Buddy Meredith – Little Black Bug
Rita Starr – Forty Four Hours
The Noeton Quartet – Jesus Use Me
Paradise Playboys – The Big Wind
Wayne Stimson – Glasgow County Jail
Bobby Garrett – Rose City Chimes
Bob Bethel – Twisted Fiddle
Guinn Brothers – Troubles
Wade Ray – The Albino Stallion
Jim Webb – Johnny Ringo
Mallie Anne and Slim – Love You
Freddie Medlin – I’m That Fool
Cliff Cochran – Only The Lonely Are Free
Johnny Stills – Mary Ann
Henry Bennetsen – Six Days

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 159

Tonight on this Session. We travel down south. Down where the muddy rivers flow and you get lost in the grand scheme of things. I will bring some great tunage from some of the finest musicians that ever blessed your ears. You will jams from the following: #chancemccoy#williamelliotwhitmore #scotthbiram #williewatson #slimcessnasautoclub#thepineboxboys #piedmontmelodymakers #bobwayne #colterwall#lucero #tylerchilders #waynehancock #thestaplesingers#parkerainsworth #ollabellareed 

Dollar Country, Ep. 95

Dollar Country Episode 095: The Big Eye (1/8/20)

Jimmy Parks & Ozark Hillbillies – Blue Darling
Vince Roberts – Blue Hearted Me
Benny Williams – Hiking For JFK
Jimmie Driftwood – Damyankee Lad
Johnny & Ann Rion – Sweat On My Brow
George Avak – Shackles And Chains
Cunha & Dawson – Yo Yo Man
Red Rhodes – The Big Eye
Arnold Smith – Go Petty Go
Kenny Roberts – The Bully Of The Town
Robby Roberson – The Habit
Robert Layton – Bottle Of Forget
Doug Duncan – Somebody Tell Sara Jane
Troy Crane – Ballad Of A Condemned Man
C. Leroy Pyle – Souvenirs Of A Broken Love Affair
Clyde Stewart – On Parole
Martin Wendell – An Ode To Burtis Dean
Buddy Lane – Crowded City
Carroll County Ramblers – Gathering Flowers For The Masters Bouquet

Special Lady Time, Ep. 3 – The Dirty Birds

Lisa has a very colorful talk with the members of an amazing collaborative group, The Dirty Birds, and they chisel at your heart with 3 amazing live tracks, in the Trendkill Radio studio. You won’t believe their harmonies, and their stories. Brought to you by The Women’s Groovement.

Dollar Country, Ep. 93

Dollar Country Episode 093: Long Walk Back To Town (12/11/19)

Charlie Gore – It’s A Long Walk Back To Town
Charlie Kellogg – When I Get Over Drinking
The Country Gentlemen – Secret Of The Waterfall
Ethel Delaney – That Pioneer Mother Of Mine
Rod Creagh – Graveyard Train
Hillous Butrum – The Legend of Uncle Jim
Maggie Valley Boys – Old Time Fox Chase
Flowers Family – Once Again
Saide & Bobby Russell – Shackled
Ralph young – I Wish I Were Him
Steve Lacy And The Back-Ups – A Dark Dingy Room
Van Williams – Why Should I Be Lonely
Bob Campbell – Six-Wheeler Rock
Jim And Jesse And The Virginia Boys – Diesel Train
Al Harvey – I’m Walking The Dog
Jerry Smith – Carless Love
Naomi Faye Allaback – Our July 17th
The Compton Brothers – Haunted House

Dollar Country, Ep. 92

Dollar Country Episode 092: The Bottle And The Glass (11/27/19)

Sons Of The Pioneers – Cigareets, Whusky, And Wild, Wild Women
Hoyle Nix And His West Texas Cowboys – Texas Girl
The Dixie Ryders – Mama’s Resting In Heaven
Dick Van Hale – Lonely Hours
Elsie Shaw – It Doesn’t Really Matter Anymore
Jim Hadley – Mister Brown
Lon Thomas – Whiskey And Weed
Dixie Drifter – Don’t You Buy No Ugly Truck
Don Mason – Where Are You Now When We Need You Ross Perot
Freddy Frank – The Friendly Cigarette
Del Reeves – Johnny Appleseed
Smokey Stover – Ballad Of Jimmy Hoffa
Charlene Arthur & The Knights – Hello Baby
Gene McKown – I’m Out On The Town
Tommy Barnett – The Bottle And The Glass
Del Henry – Huslia Hustler
Everett Faulkner – Mother Natures Problems
Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen – Heart Over Mind