Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 179

One For The Road

On tonight’s Sessions!! I am bringing you a hour of tunes to let your mind relax but not forget about the outside world and how messed up it is and is getting. We here at Trendkillradio are aware of the world’s issues. But we strive to bring you peace through the art of sound. Music is the answer to at least let your mind calm. So tonight I bring you
One for the Road. Another hour of alt Country Americana !! You will here the sounds of the following artists: #codyjinks #jasonisbellandthe400unit #tylerchilders #zachbryan #zachwilliams #chrissrapleton #blackberrysmoke #raywyliehubbard #paulcauthen #sonvolt #lucero #twocargarage #dragthatriver #lostdogstreetband #brentcobb #willienelson #waylonjennings

Sonic Collective, Ep. 88

MTV ’87-’89

Memories….Aaahhhhh memories. A certain place and time when something is new to you. You keep that. It stays with you. We’re going to rewind to the late 80’s and enjoy some music that gives me these memories. There’s a story inside. Swing in and check it out. The Sonic Collective brings you to MTV 87-89. Only on

The Desert, Ep. 93

Want to take a trip? We’re heading to The Desert!!! Mucky’s heading out and bringing us along. What is he jammin’ for us? Old Man Gloom​, Demonic Death Judge​, EYEHATEGOD​, GRIZZLOR​… you get the picture. This is going to be a brutal trip! It’s hot, the tunes are hot and tempers too, open a cold one and enjoy the ride!

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 26-05-2020

This week an exclusive track from King Buzzo with Trevor Dunn’s upcoming new album on Ipecac! 

King Buzzo with Trevor Dunn : Housing, Luxury, Energy (Gift of Sacrifice) Ipecac
Moths & Locusts : Troubled (Helios Rising) Cardinal Fuzz
Electric Moon : No Escape from Now (You Can See the Sound Of…extended version) Sulatron
Øresund Space Collective : Jazz It Up Boyzz (Sonic Rock Solstice 2019)
Tesa : Control 5 (Control) My Proud Mountain
Vaisseau : Force Macabre (Horrors Waiting in Line) Totem Cat
Turtle Skull : Rabbit (Rabbit) Art As Catharsis 
Banshee : Savage Man (Livin’ in the Jungle) Cardinal Fuzz
Solution : Koan (Solution) EMI

Artwork : Banshee

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 178

One For the Soul

Good evening. On tonight’s session I will be dealing out some good, soulful Country Americana. Or whatever you wanna call it. I kinda think it’s great driving tunes. So join me for tunes from the following:
#highwaywomen #nathanielrateliff #davidrawlings #jasonisbellandthe400unit #treburt #tylerchilders #joshritterandthemilkcartonkids #flatlandcalvery #ryanbingham #imwithher #avettbrothers #nickelandrose #calebcaudle #lukasnelsonandthepromiseofthereal #paulcauthen

The Desert, Ep. 92

Same old new and new old stuff to keep you sane and fill you ears with great riffs and your soul with rock…

Wake Up Special w/ Poia

Benny has a special guest host braking out the killers! Welcome Poia (UFOMAMMUT​, Malleus ROCK ART LAB​) for a show that will truly take your mind off of your world and put you in a zen-like state that will get you through your day! He’s titled it his, “Stealing from the Future” playlist, a selection of songs that were ahead of its time when they came out.


Cromagnon : Caledonia

Millennium : Prelude / To Claudia on Thursday

Paul McCartney : Darkroom

Doris : You Never Come Closer

Pigmeat Markham : Here Comes The Judge

Nick Drake : Pink Moon

Suicide : Ghost Rider

Bill Withers : Ain’t No Sunshine

Donna Summer : I Feel Love

Moondog : Theme

Pink Floyd : The Nile Song

Adriano Celentano : Prisencolinensinanciusol

Silver Apples : Oscillations

Can : Vitamin C

The Phantom : Love Me

The Beatles : Tomorrow Never Knows

Conlon Nancarrow : Study for Player Piano No. 21

Beethoven : Sonata n 32 op 111, 2mov

Buddy Holly : Well…All Right

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 172

Hour of the Riff Episode 172 begins with a Soundgarden number to mark the 3rd anniversary of Chris Cornell’s death, before we bring you the latest from Ethereal Sea, Faith In Jane, Curse The Son and the buzz band of the last week, Kryptograf. All aboard the hype train!

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 177

Tonight on Sessions. I am issuing a challenge to a fellow host that hasn’t been around for a while. I hope this challenge will bring him out of semi retirement. So Chuck this is the opening rounds in what I hope will be a great battle. Tonight I am bringing the music of some of the icons in the music world. Tonight you will hear sounds from the following: #philcollins #prince #direstraights #markknopfler #tompetty #queen #eltonjohn #stevieknicks #cyndilauper #eurythmics #annielennox #thecars #joecocker.
So come along on this journey through the waves of sound.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 87

Episode 87 today! I’ve got a Two For Tues…..Friday show! I’ve doubled up on some killer tunes from some killer bands. So be ready, Godzilla may be coming!!…..Or not.