Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 187

Rockabilly Surf Swing

Tonight is the night that we rock out!! I’m gonna feed your ears with the tasty sounds of some good ol’ Rockabilly and a little bit of Surf jams to go with it. So get ready to feast your brain on some ear food from the following:
#raycampi #janismartin #jets #therockinbandits #mrgasserandtheweirdos #bombras #satanspilgrims #hawaiisamurai #weewillieharris #thefirebirds #johnnyandthejailbirds #DEADLYONES #ghastlyones #screaminglordsutchansthesavages #coffindaggers #barshakers #carlmann #genesummers #themunsters and more.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 92

New Wave of British Heavy Metal

Today I’ve got an hour of bone crushing heavies from the new wave of British heavy metal. That’s right….NWOBHM! We’re going back to the late 70’s to early-mid eighties with and hour of highly influential music. These bands were the building blocks for a ton of metal and thrash bands in the 80’s and 90’s.

The Desert, Ep. 99

On this episode, we bring you more obscure and old songs and turn the heavy button all the way up and break it off…

Featuring tracks from Morse Code Transmission, Tasavallan Presidentti, Älgarnas Trädgård, Joelho De Porco, Lear and more.

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 21-07-2020

Theme Special: Days

The Who : Armenia City In The Sky (excerpt)
Pink Floyd : One of These Days
Dragonfly : Blue Monday
Charlies : Tuesday Song
Abstract Truth : Blue Wednesday Speaks
David Axelrod : Holy Thursday
Easybeats : Friday On My Mind
Mashmakan : Days When We Are Free
Pretty Things : Baron Saturday
Small Faces : Lazy Sunday
Mendelbaum : Days Gone By
Lynyrd Skynyrd : Saturday Night Special
Writing On The Wall : It Came on Sunday
Cirkus : Those Were the Days
King Crimson : Book of Saturday
Velvet Underground : Sunday Morning
The Doors : Strange Days 
Randy Holden : Saturday’s Son
Jeronimo : Sunday’s Child
Tiger B. Smith : These Days
Edgar Broughton Band : Don’t Even Know Which Day It Is
The Who : Armenia City In The Sky (excerpt)

Artwork : The Doors

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 181

We’re over halfway through the year but the second half of 2020 is shaping up nicely. We’ve got previews of the new ones from Pallbearer, Hudu Akil, Black Spirit Crown, Horizon and more on Hour of the Riff 181.

The Desert, Ep. 98

Tonight on The Desert, I dug out and dusted off some forgotten gems from the 70s and 60s and searched the net for you to discover brand new music by emerging bands!

Bandit – Evil woman

Dead End 5 – Suurkaupungin suudelma
Trúbrot – I know you’ll comeNurt – Piszę Kredą Na Asfalcie
The Spiders – Don’t blow your mindHeat Exchange – Philosophy
El Amor – On the midnight bus
Merlock – Prolapse
BEND FOR ELEVEN – Yeahyeahyeah
Sorcia – In the head
Thunderbird Divine – The hand of man
SUE – The beast
Twelve Twelve UK – White powder
X the Band – Nausea

The Desert, Ep. 97

On this episode, we play old and new music, loud and unrestrained, couple of hellos and one goodbye…

Jackie Zee, Ep. 49

Long time no hear! Jackie Zee is back on Trendkill Radio, presenting eight fuzzy rock songs, by bands discovered on Bandcamp during this crazy first half of the year. Featuring Montecristo, Super SnakeRazorburn CityLunar SwampMindustParalyzedLord Vapour and Brunt! We’ve missed Jackie Zee… come let your ears tell you why!

00:40 Montecristo (IT) – Avrah Ka Dabra (The St. Lazarus Sessions 2018)
06:30 Super Snake (US) – Do You Need Me, Honey? (Volume 4: Influenza Forever 2019)
11:10 Razorburn City (US) – Dead Load (Razorburn City EP 2019)
16:47 Lunar Swamp (IT) – Shamanic Owl (UnderMudBlues 2020)
24:20 Mindust (ES) – Escape Velocity (Taking Off 2013)
31:40 Paralyzed (DE) – Hidden Sun (Hidden Sun 2019)
39:24 Lord Vapour (GG) – Through The Doors Of Kukundu (Semuta 2018)
47:11 Brunt (GG) – The Grauballe Man (Ataraxy 2019)

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 7-7-2020

Benny’s bringing the fire on this week’s episode of Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe! It’s Part 2 of his Theme Special on Fire! Playlist below, including MastodonHeronHigh On FireBATHSHEBAINTER ARMA and a ton more!

Mastodon : March of the Fire Ants
Dozer : From Fire Hell
Solarized : Fire Breather
Witchcraft : Chyld of Fire
Bathsheba : Conjuration of Fire
Neurosis : Fire Is the End Lesson
Inter Arma : The Survival Fires
Moonchild : Hellfire
John Zorn : Scene 3 : And To the Brimstone, Fire
Heron : Fire Twin
Grand Magus : Baptised in Fire
High On Fire : Fireface
Telepathy : Smoke from Distant Fires
A Storm of Light : Laser Fire Forget

Artwork : Telepathy

Songs To Nowhere, Ep. 76

This show features tracks by FollakzoidThe Vacant LotsJohn Maus and Squid.