Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 206

I’m bringing some good old fashion Oi, Anthem, Skinhead Punk. I dig back in the pile for some classic British Jams! So strap on your Doc’s and get ready to jam.

The Schizophonic, Ep. 124

Get ready for another session of The Schizophonic. Tonight we just play whatever we want from Regina Spektor to The Black Crowes. Come hear us truly live up to our name!

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 205


Tonight on this session I get a little serious and somber. I touch a little on the subject of depression. This was a hard show to put together. Even harder to come up with a promo.

The Schizophonic, Session 123

On tonight’s session we are ready to Rock the Funk out. Let’s explore some songs that straddle that line between funk and rock. Featuring bands like Primus, Bang Tango, Infectious Grooves, and RHCP.

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 08-12-2020

Kairon; Irse! : Psionic Static (Polysomn) Svart
The Mars Volta : Goliath (The Bedlam in Goliath) Universal
The End : Kraka Rorde Sig Aldrig Mer (Allt Ar Intent) Rare Noise
WorldService Project : Sex Lies Lies and Lies (Hiding in Plain Sight) Rare Noise
Goat the Head : The Call of Ixodes (The Call of Ixodes) Crispin Glover
Mr.Bungle : Methematics (The Raging Wrath if the Easter Bunny) Ipecac
Kraan : M.C. Escher (Kraan) Spiegelei
Møster! : Unhorsed by Chivalry (States of Minds) Hubro
The Janitors : Indifferent State (Noisolation Sessions Vol1) Cardinal Fuzz

Artwork : Kairon; Irse!

Session with Jimbo, Ep. 204

Tonight on this Session. Instead of posting the list I decided to play the list. My top songs for 2020 according to Spotty. Well, not all of them. They wouldn’t fit into just 1 hour. So I have a few pieces of ear Candy for your brain. So join me at 9PM Eastern for a crazy ride.

The Schizophonic, Ep. 122

On this session of the Schizophonic, we dial it back a little bit. Relax and dive into the sounds of some Acoustic guitar. We have some old favorites, a few acoustic versions of regular songs, and a few live acoustic renditions. Originally aired Tuesday 11/1/20 on

Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 203

3rd Gen Ska

On this Session I’m bringing some good time feels good jam. Tonight we dive into the 3rd generation of Ska music. So pick it up!

The Schizophonic, Session 121

Session 121 of The Schizophonic hits your stream and hits your ears tonight. Chuck takes you on a trip back in time to spin some old school Metal and Hard Rock. Revisit the bands that made us old rockers who we are. Bands like Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Triumph and Sabbath will take you back.

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 24-11-2020

Causa Sui : Szabodelico (Szabodelico) El Paraiso
Kings of the Valley : At the Gate (Kings of the Valley) Wonderful & Strange records
The Pink Moon : T.L.G. (Cosmic Heart Attack) Crispin Glover
Mugstar : Star Cage (Graft) Cardinal Fuzz
Magic Bus : Yantra Tunnels (Phillip the Egg) Back to the Garden Records
Heave Blood and Die : Radio Silence (Post People) 
Gösta Berlings Saga : The Shortcomings of Efficiency (Et Ex) Inside Out Music
Weed : Sweet Morning Light (Weed) Philips
Øresund Space Collective : Approach (Four Riders Take Space Mountain) Space Rock Productions

Artwork : Øresund Space Collective