Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 184

This week we return with a companion episode for the previous gospel and blues show. Episode 184 keeps that vibe shifting forward to begin tapping into some darker lyric content and slowly bring in a little bit of a rock element to really solidify the overall sadness and emotion that blues can deliver. New show every Monday at 9pm Eastern.

Originally aired on on July 12th, 2021.
Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 184 Intro
(00:39) Rose Mitchell – Baby Please Dont Go
(03:38) The Isley Brothers – Ohio / Machine Gun
(12:49) Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind
(15:19) Ella Jenkins – Racing With The Sun (18:08) Miriam Makeba – Quit It
(23:47) Otis Spann – Ain’t Nobody’s Business
(28:56) Big Mama Thornton – Ball N’ Chain
(33:24) Buddy Miles – Down By The River
(39:40) Don Hodell Chilcote – There’s A Leak In This Old Building
(44:56) Odetta – Gallows Tree (Gallows Pole)
(47:45) Curtis Mayfield – We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue
(54:34) Mahalia Jackson – Summertime / Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

Songs to Nowhere, Ep. 102

This show features tracks by 

10 000 RussosKAPUTTBilkFEETGuru and more.

The Desert, Ep. 136

On this episode, Canadian Oi!, punk, grind, hardcore, amazing “noise rock” from 13yrs old, Japanese madness, great frontwomen and 70s awesomeness…

Max Wax Live!, Vol. 99

Special Guest Host: Scott Risner

Serious vinyl listening… and serious music talk! We have the shredder extraordinaire from Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle, Mr. Scott Risner , joining us and he’s bringing a stack of wax full of rock, grass and soul to introduce us to. Grab some insight into where he’s been, where the Hustle is headed and what music really makes him tick.

Finding DiRT E.002

Finding DiRT E.002 (Finds from JAN 2020 #2) TKR air date 29JUN21

This week, you’ll hear some encore performances from the bands featured in the first episode; mainly because when I listened to their albums, I found it very difficult to settle on only one track as share-worthy (an indication of how often I was “moved” by these artists).
This is part two of a three part journey of musical discovery through the first month of 2020, yes, over a year ago; but I just finished finding and assembling all this music a few weeks ago (started researching these albums a few months ago).
Amazing how much music I miss while making other plans.
These songs were written and recorded well before the pandemic, and I’m sure the artists would tell you themselves that some of their words have taken on a slightly different meaning in these different times we’re going through (“the past is another country”). Aside from that, I believe I have here for you some songs of quality that are worthy of your attention and your ears.
Thanks for listening,

Set List:
Finding DiRT with L H M
E.002 (TKR 6/29/21)
DiRT from JAN 2020 #2
[ending from E.001] “Wildblood” by Caspian (1/24) 0:00:47
“Humbled” by Surface To Air Missive (1/1) 0:03:18
“A Big Day for Grimley” by AJJ (1/17) 0:05:14
“Dirty Shoes” by Mammock (1/1) 0:08:51
“Bandini” by Canshaker Pi (1/31) 0:11:42
“Chaos Riders” by UUBBUURRUU (1/17) 0:15:32
“The Past” by October Drift (1/24) 0:20:00
“Against the Day” by Wolf Parade (1/24) 0:24:17
“Blade of Wind” by …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (1/17) 0:28:26
“Onsra” by Caspian (1/24) 0:34:14
“Soft Lights” by Machine+ (1/1) 0:38:52
“Naked” by October Drift (1/24) 0:42:23
“Before Collapse” by Scale & Feather (1/20) 0:46:21
“Night Watch” by Scale & Feather (1/20) 0:49:28
“Home” by Squirrel Flower (1/31) 0:53:40
“Your Voice, As I Remember It” by AJJ (1/17) 0:56:59
End of Episode 002 . ||| . January 2020 DiRT to be concluded in Episode 003…

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 29-06-2021

Playlist :
Monster Magnet : When The Wolf Sits (A Better Dystopia) Napalm
Queens of the Stone Age : 18 AD (Burn One Up) Roadrunner
Hippie Death Cult : Red Meat Tricks (Circle of Days) Heavy Psych Sounds
Book Of Wyrms : Hollergoblin (Occult New Age) Desert
Jupiter Jefferson : Ice House (Jupiter Jefferson) Self Release
Mistreater : Lies – Graverobber (Hell’s Fire) On the Dole
Liquid Sound Company : And To Your Left…Neptune (Psychoactive Songs For The Psoul) Liquid Sound
Ultimate Spinach : Ego Trip (Ultimate Spinach) MGM
Amenra : Het Gloren (De Doorn) Relapse

Artwork: Burn One Up

Songs to Nowhere, Ep. 101

This show features tracks by 

AlpacaKing Gizzard& the Lizard WizzardThe Mystery LightsPsychic GraveyardHello Cosmos and more.

The Desert, Ep. 135

On this episode, new music From Anthesis, Clouds Become Oceans, Cell Press, Greber, Botfly, Seum and a touch of 70s.

The Schizophonic, Ep. 148

On this weeks Session of The Schizophonic on Trendkill Radio we bring you an eclectic mix of killer music. While we have well known artists like Free Dominguez and Echosmith, we also have upcoming artists like Dre.jay. Tune in and turn it up. Originally aired 6/22/21 at 9pm EST onĀ