Sonic Collective, Ep. 89

With everything going on in the world. We need a pick me up. Well….I’ve got it for you….
Just kidding. I’ve got an hour of 80’s Goth for you today! That’s right. If you’re down in the dumps, this probably isn’t going to help! Lol I’ve got some moody/gloomy tunes for those ears of yours! Stop by, get your black lipstick and nail polish, do that hair like Robert Smith and enjoy episode 89 of The Sonic Collective!

Wake Up! Theme Special: Black Music Matters

WAKE UP!!! If you haven’t noticed, there’s something happening here… and what it is is pretty damn clear. We’re stoked to have a brand new Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe hitting at 1PM EST, 6PM GMT, and it’s a Black Music Matters Special! No, Benny is in Belgium, which makes this even more awesome. The world’s standing up and we’re pretty stoked about it. Thanks for this show, our friend.

Playlist is below, and you can tune in through the players on our homepage at, as well as through our mobile apps in the Google Play and Apple Stores. Here’s what’s up…

Hendrix : Machine Gun

Love : Daily Planet

Thin Lizzy : Black Boys On The Corner

Death : Politicians In My Eyes

Curtis Mayfield : (Don’t Worry) If There’s Hell Below

Sly And The Family Stone: Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey

Betty Davis : Dedicated To The Press

The Meters : You’ve Got To Change

The Temptations : Ball of Confusion

Osibisa : Move On

Demon Fuzz : Another Country

Jimi Hendrix : Freedom

Artwork : Love (Forever Changes)

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 175

Hour of the Riff returns with a bucket full of new music from Tape Shapes, Bismarck, RRRags and Hail The Void, a new band to the scene, who have come out with possibly one of the best debuts of the year! Intrigued? Press play and let Hour of the Riff Episode 175 hit you with the good stuff.

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 180


So tonight I try to express my feelings about the current events the only way I know how. Through music. This show was struggle to say the least. I’m not much for talking so I let the following speak for me : #eddievedder #blindmelon #soundgarden #daysofthenew #soulasylum #benharper #citizencope #bobmarley #thewailers #nahkoandmedicineforthepeople #xavierrudd #jeffbuckley
So join me for an hour of expression. Pay no attention to the rambling man in between the music.

The Desert, Ep. 94

Tonight, we rock, we roll, we tumble… To get back up again and rock some more! It’s another trip to The Desert, with our friend, Mucky Pup! He’s bringing one killer rock show for you, including Radio MoscowClutchBISON and a heavy ton more!

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 02-06-2020

Rrrags : Dark Is The Day (High Protein) Laybare Recordings 
Golden Earring : She Flies On Strange Wings (Seven Tears) Polydor 
CB3 : Sonic Blaze (Aeons) The Sign Records
Farflung : Endless Drifting Wreck (A Wound In Eternity) Meteorcity 
Undskyld : Smokey Water (Smokey)
Spooky Tooth : Evil Woman (Spooky Two) Island 
The Dream Syndicate : The Regulator (The Universe Inside) Anti-Records

Artwork : The Dream Syndicate

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 174

4 bands, 4 tracks. Enjoy the ride and let the music do the talking.

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 179

One For The Road

On tonight’s Sessions!! I am bringing you a hour of tunes to let your mind relax but not forget about the outside world and how messed up it is and is getting. We here at Trendkillradio are aware of the world’s issues. But we strive to bring you peace through the art of sound. Music is the answer to at least let your mind calm. So tonight I bring you
One for the Road. Another hour of alt Country Americana !! You will here the sounds of the following artists: #codyjinks #jasonisbellandthe400unit #tylerchilders #zachbryan #zachwilliams #chrissrapleton #blackberrysmoke #raywyliehubbard #paulcauthen #sonvolt #lucero #twocargarage #dragthatriver #lostdogstreetband #brentcobb #willienelson #waylonjennings

Sonic Collective, Ep. 88

MTV ’87-’89

Memories….Aaahhhhh memories. A certain place and time when something is new to you. You keep that. It stays with you. We’re going to rewind to the late 80’s and enjoy some music that gives me these memories. There’s a story inside. Swing in and check it out. The Sonic Collective brings you to MTV 87-89. Only on

The Desert, Ep. 93

Want to take a trip? We’re heading to The Desert!!! Mucky’s heading out and bringing us along. What is he jammin’ for us? Old Man Gloom​, Demonic Death Judge​, EYEHATEGOD​, GRIZZLOR​… you get the picture. This is going to be a brutal trip! It’s hot, the tunes are hot and tempers too, open a cold one and enjoy the ride!