The Desert, Ep. 102

Tonight on The Desert, we’re a bit more eclectic than usual but not to worry, still great songs to groove to. Bring drinks…

Burning Plague – Life is nonsense

Los Shains – Vamos
The Sonics – Boss hoss

Marz – Lord have mercy
JPT Scare Band Page – It’s a jungle

Spirit – Groundhog
Coloured Balls – Working man’s blues

Trigger Cut – Pony pony
Rudimentary Peni – Captive of atrophy
Kruger (official) – Let’s convert Salt Lake City

The Breeders – Howl at the summit
Wipers – This time

Boris – Shadow of skull

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 189

Let’s go!! Friday night, the first one of August!! My transmission is being taken over by a Fat Wreck Chords playlist!!
Sessions With Jimbo 189 is bringing you some tasty treats for your ears. On tonight’s show you will be bombarded with tunes from the following:

#nofx : Idiots are Taking Over
#lagwagon : Name Dropping
#propagandhi : Anti Manifesto
#nouseforaname : For Fiona
#rancid : Rats in the Hallway
#88fingerslouie : Irreparable Damage
#facetoface : You’ve Got a Problem
#strungout : Ghost Town
#bracket : Flea Market
#gunsnwankers : Sunstroke
#wizo : Just Go
#frenzalrhomb : There’s Your Dad
#mefirstandthegimmegimmes : I’ll Be There
#snuff : Y Olde Folke Twatte
#histandard : Summer of Love
#gooberpatrol : Piss Off
#swinginutters : Reggae Gets Big in a Small Town
#avail : Pink Houses

Sonic Collective, Ep. 93

We’re ready to rock today. We’ve got Diamond Dave jumping off a drum riser and Eddie Van Halen 8 finger tapping on his Frankenstrat, we’ve got Lemmy and his boils, Yngwie without donuts, Rob Halford in leather and I’ve got another Eddie too. AND…….I’ve got a brand new segment for you. Come check out The Sonic Collective and this gang of badasses today on the station that gives the new music you want and the old music you need.

The Desert, Ep. 101

On this episode, we keep the pedal to the metal as we drive down the road paved with great music, old and new, that’s going to keep you on the edge…

Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe 04-08-2020

Theme Special: Fire, Pt. 3

Seid : Fire Song
Wolf People : When the Fire is Dead in the Grate
Diagonal : Cannon Missfire
Fire! : Would I Whip 
I Like To Sleep : Playing with Fire
Bushman’s Revenge : Wind and Fire
My Brother The Wind : Fire! Fire!
Comets On Fire : Dogwood Rust
Voice of the Seven Thunders : Set Fire to the Forest
Julie’s Haircut : The Fire Sermon
Fontanelle : When the Fire Hits the Forest
Elephant9 : Psychedelic Backfire
Monster Magnet : Cobras and Fire (Hallucination Bomb)
Baby Woodrose : Spinning Wheels of Fire
U.S. Christmas : Fire Is Sleeping

Artwork : Monster Magnet

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 188

Sessions with Jimbo 188 is on the menu tonight. I am joined in the studio with my good friend Brandon Jimenez and we are bringing you some tasty nuggets for your ears. We will also be rambling incoherently in between jams. What do expect for something not rehearsed or planned out? So if you wanna have some fun and listen to some good tunes, then stop by Trendkill tonight. We will have the following items on the menu:
#pennywise #madcaddies #fishbone #blackflag #badbrains #nofx #steelpulse #londonskinheadcrew #exploited #gogolbordello #dropkickmurphys #realbigfish #floggingmolly

The Desert, Ep. 100

Hold on to your seats for some brand new Boris, Coricky, Deerhoof and Ils. Plus, old goodies like usual…

Songs To Nowhere, Ep. 79

This show features tracks by 

Las CobrasSei StillThe KvbProtomartyrThe Comet Is Coming and more.

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 187

Rockabilly Surf Swing

Tonight is the night that we rock out!! I’m gonna feed your ears with the tasty sounds of some good ol’ Rockabilly and a little bit of Surf jams to go with it. So get ready to feast your brain on some ear food from the following:
#raycampi #janismartin #jets #therockinbandits #mrgasserandtheweirdos #bombras #satanspilgrims #hawaiisamurai #weewillieharris #thefirebirds #johnnyandthejailbirds #DEADLYONES #ghastlyones #screaminglordsutchansthesavages #coffindaggers #barshakers #carlmann #genesummers #themunsters and more.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 92

New Wave of British Heavy Metal

Today I’ve got an hour of bone crushing heavies from the new wave of British heavy metal. That’s right….NWOBHM! We’re going back to the late 70’s to early-mid eighties with and hour of highly influential music. These bands were the building blocks for a ton of metal and thrash bands in the 80’s and 90’s.