Common Threads, Vol. 2

Special Guest: Abraham Partridge – Singer-Songwriter and Folk Art Wizard

On Vol. 2 of Common Threads, Mack gets to hang out with the amazing singer-songwriter and folk artist, Abe Partridge. This interview is an incredible look into his world and journey… plus Abe picks out 4 of his favorite tracks and I promise, they’re not what you would guess.

Sessions with Jimbo 134

On this episode of Sessions with Jimbo.  I will offer up some tasty sounds for your ears as well as your brain piece. I bring you another addition to the PSYCHOSTONER series.  On this ceremony of sound you will hear the likes of the following: #lowfen #thescreamingfly #routesofneptune #birdstone #ironcrown #heysatan #thegracefullyhazed #zigzags #bloodycrom as well as the newest jammy from #redfang . So come along for this journey won't you? We depart this plane of existence at 9PM EASTERN!! And as always. Thank you for jamming with us here at

Sonic Collective, Ep. 64

Sonic Collective Ep. 64
1.Budgie-Crash Course In Brain Surgery
2.Louis Armstrong-What A Wonderful World
3.ZZ Top-Blue Jean Blues
4.Fleetwood Mac-The Green Manalishi
5.Gary Wright-Dreamweaver
6.Michael Jackson-Billie Jean
7.Metallica-Crash Course In Brain Surgery
8.Joey Ramone-What A Wonderful World
9.Zodiac-Blue Jean Blues
10.The Melvins-The Green Manalishi
12.Chris Cornell-Billie Jean

The Desert, Ep. 56

On this episode, Split albums discoveries!

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 2019-07-02

Summer special pt1 : A selection of doom metal favorites in 2019 so far !

Saint Vitus : Last Breath (Saint Vitus) Season of Mist
Thronehammer : Thronehammer (Usurper of the Oaken Throne) Church Within
Candlemass : Astorolus – The Great Octopus (The Door to Doom) Napalm
Vltimas : Last Ones Alive Win Nothing (Something Wicked Marches In) Season of Mist
Darkthrone : Alp Man (Old Star) Peaceville
Smoulder : The Wild Swordswoman (Times of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring) Cruz Del Sur
Magic Circle : Valley of the Lepers (Departed Souls) 20 Buck Spin
Lord Vicar : Sulphur, Charcoal And Salpetre (The Black Powder) Church Within

Artwork : Magic Circle

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 126

2019 is halfway through but the new music ain’t stopping. We check out previews of the new albums from Zed, Planet of Zeus and Lifetime Shitlist, there’s some awesome UK based riffs from Bad Men and Morass of Molasses and this week’s bandcamp freebie comes from Mvshrum.

Songs to Nowhere, Ep. 47

10 000 Russos, banda que é uma das mais recorrentes na minha vida desde 2014, SeRvo que pelo concerto que deram são sem duvida uma daquelas que não vou mais perder de vista e os incontornáveis Pretty Lightning numa noite dura, bonita, serena, triste e feliz. Queria que as memórias deste fim de semana fossem diferentes, para todos nós que lá estivemos, para os que de alguma forma estavam ligados, unidos pelo som que partilhamos nas redes sociais, nos blogs e na vida. A verdade é que naquelas horas fui feliz e isso deveria bastar. Este programa tem parte do concerto de cada uma das três bandas que na noite de sábado o Sabotage Club acolheu em colaboração com a Fuzz Club, e as três bandas fizeram jus ao momento. Mais uma vez só fez falta quem não faltou à chamada, e quem lá esteve sabe do que falo.

Sessions with Jimbo 133

We dive into the funk. The funkiest of the funk. It will be a journey through the sounds of the following Funkmasters:
#parliament #slyandthefamilystone #rickjames #frankzappa #funkadelic #drslothclaw #pigeonsplayingpingpong #litz #roseroyce #war #joekeyesandthelatebloomers

The Desert, Ep. 55

On this episode, we celebrate La Saint-Jean Baptiste/Fete nationale !
Enjoy all the local stuff from the province of Québec, Canada…