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The Schizophonic, Session 75

Join us for a very special session of The Schizophonic as we celebrate the life and music of an Icon who was tragically taken from the world. Originally aired on Tuesday 12/19/17 on KTFT. Featuring tracks from Damageplan and Pantera.

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 153


Tonight on the post Thanksgiving SESSIONS with JIMBO. I took a break from finding you the music you love. Instead, I recruited my kid Gracie to do the work. So.. I will be bringing you: Gracie’s Picks.. She found music for your brain from the following: #allahlas#hers#geowulf#plasticpicnic#summersalt#widowspeak#swimmingtapes#daywave#hazelenglish#sports#peachpit#thedrums#surfrockisdead#hovvdy#travisbretzer and #horsebeach
So join me as I bring you a stellar lineup of tunes.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 75

It’s Black Friday!!! Wrong!! It’s BLACK METAL FRIDAY! Get your fill of holiday rushing around music! (Try not to kill anyone in line from blistering fast soundtrack!) So run, don’t walk!!! The black metal Friday deals will only be for an hour today! Featuring tracks from Watain, Marduk, Burzum, Behemoth, Darkthrone and more.

The Desert, Ep. 73

On this episode, in the States, we’re rolling with a cool buzz and a full belly, so this hour of killer style of Metal and Rock is a welcome dessert… of desert. Get in our stream to catch this one! It’s going to be loud… featuring Los Dug Dug’s, Hurriganes, Finch, Aunt Mary, Désirée and more.

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 152

SESSIONS OF DARK – I bring fire to your ears. 14 tracks of delicious brain food. You will hear some tunes from the following: #dukegarwood #tomwaits #deadweather #pjharvey #davidbowie #queensofthestoneage #marklanegan #whitestripes #theblackkeys #blackrebelmotorcycleclub #articmonkeys #thekills #algiers and #johnnycash. This is a show full of fire. Some of the best of the best will be blessing your brain.

The Desert, Ep. 72

On this episode, pedal to the metal, windows down and volume to the max while we drive through the desert! Featuring tracks from Quartermass, Jerusalem, Midsommar, Lincoln Street Exit, Jump and more.

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 151

This week, Jimbo will take a little dusty psychedelic trip down the stoney path. He’s bringing you some of the best 70s roots stoner jams. You will hear some beautiful jams from the following: #paganalter#blueoystercult#bluecheer#freshblueberrypancake#randyholden#wikedlady#bulbouscreation#budgie#leafhound#bullet#cirithungol

Rabbit Trails, Path 48

On the last Path of this season:
Tune in with David Scott as he digs through some old lost gems and some new gems that need to be discovered! You’ll hear a brand new track from Matthew Paul Butler! It’s something fresh and new! Also classics such as JJ Cale and the Hollies.
So pour yourself something good, spark up whatever you normally spark up and come join this crazy ride!

Dollar Country, Ep. 91

Dollar Country Episode 091: Big Balls In Cowtown (11/13/19)

That’s Hoyle Nix & his band in the photo

Sonny Burns – Too Hot To Handle
Arkie Shibley – Hot Rod Race
Hoyle Nix – Big Balls In Cowtown
Roy Miller – Alabama Jubilee
Bobby Atkins – Memories Of President John F. Kennedy
Wes Holden – That Big Man In Washington
Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen – Who’s To Blame
Joe Cody – The Hitchhiker
Willie Hays – Soldiers Last Letter
Dick Rutan – A Day In The Oil Fields
Derrell Felts – How Will I Brake It To My Broken Heart
Gene And Martha Burns – The Valley Of Death
Millard Presley – Denominations
Arlie Duff – Poor Ole Teacher
Wiley J. Smith – Hot Rod Molly
Jack Parker – Gambling Man
Dr. Paul Moore – That Long Legged Bird
Eddie Nash and his Fantastic One Man Band – Mama Tried

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Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 12-11-2019

The Re-Stoned : Chromagnetic Stomp (10PI) Qiasum/Clostridium
Monkey 3 : Axis (Sphere) Napalm
Mamiffer : All That Is Beautiful (The Brilliant Tabernacle) Sige
Mike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier : Ballad C.3.3 (Corpse Flower) Ipecac
Your Highness : Black Fever (Your Highness) Hoogheid
The Progerians : Netjeret (Crush the Wise Men who Refuse to Submit) Mottow Soundz
Kadavar : Children of the Night (For the Dead Travel Fast) Nuclear Blast
Incredible Hog : Wreck My Soul (Volume 1)
Sunn O))) : Ascension (Pyroclasts) Southern Lord

Artwork : Mamiffer