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Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 198

90’s Alt Ladies

The 90s are back tonight at 9PM. Well, at least the alternative music side. The ladies side of things. That’s right, I’m diving into some of the best music there ever was. You will hear some tasty morsels from the following:
#thecardigans #anidefranco #luciousjackson #pjharveyofficial #lizphairofficial #madderroseband #verucasaltband #elasticaband #kschoicemusic #thesundaysband #poemusic #thebreedersband #letterstocleoband #everythingbutthegirlmusic #fionaapple

Sonic Collective, Ep. 98

We’ve got metal! RIFFS! BREAKDOWNS!! METAL!!! We’re going celebrate that riff in a song you just love. We’re going to celebrate that breakdown in a song that makes you go UGGGHHHHHH! And leaves that look on your face like you just smelled something bad. *Not responsible for blown speakers.

The Desert, Ep. 110

Tonight on The Desert, we bring you old time greats and brand new music from BorrachoPerdition Sect and KADAVAR… CRANK IT!

Warm Dust – Achromasia
The Osmonds – Crazy horses
Thin Lizzy – Return of the farmer’s son
Excubus – Abomination d’une quarte de triton
Doc’DAïl – Aere perennius
Jericho – Ethiopia
KADAVAR – Die baby die
Borracho – I came from the sky
Perdition Sect – Plague of incompetence
Harrowed – Chaotic Nonentity
Van Halen – Hot for teacher + Panama

Dollar Country, Ep. 115

Dollar Country Episode 115: Please Don’t Sell Daddy Any More Whiskey (10/14/20)

Bill Tyler – Forgiving Means Forgetting
Molly O’Day & The Cumberland Mountain Folks – Don’t Sell Daddy Any More Whiskey
Christy Burroughs – Swamp Guinea Legend
Ted Tyler – Arkansas Prison
Bill Angelo – Evil Woman
Esco Hankins – Oh So Afraid
Maggi and Molli – If I Make It To The Alter
Mack Sullivan – Tulsa Straight Ahead
Bill Monroe And His Blue Grass Ramblers – How Will I Explain About You
Carson Robison – Trail Drive
Hazel Kaleiwahea – Mt. St. Helen’s Without A Place To Hide
Johnny Reeves and his Homesteaders – I’ll Cry A Little
Roy Poole – I’ll Carry You With Me (Wherever I Go)
Harry Snyder – The Needle
Paul Davis – Fifteen Cents
Dianne Moore – Go Home Where You Belong
Herb Blatchford – Green Grass Grows


Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 13-10-2020

Theme Special: Clouds

We’re preparing for another trip through the always amazing Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe​, and today’s show is running with the theme of “Clouds”. Definitely a favorite and always loud… here’s what’s coming.

Pink Floyd : Obscured by Clouds (Obscured by Clouds)
Porcupine Tree : Cloud Zero (Staircase Infinities)
Gong : A Sprinkling of Clouds (You)
Øresund Space Collective : Walking On Clouds part 2 (Organic Earthly Floatation)
The United States of America : Cloud Song (The United States of America)
Needlepoint : All Kinds of Clouds (The Diary of Robert Reverie)
Trapeze : Black Cloud (Medusa)
Diagonal : Child of the Thundercloud (Diagonal)
Junipher Greene : Into the Cloudburst (Friendship)
Motorpsycho : Cloudwalker (A darker Blue) (Behind the Sun)
Cosmic Dealer : Head in the Clouds (Chrystallization)
Farflung : Those Clouds Are Solid (9 Pin Body)
Luv Machine : Dar Clouds (Turn You On!)
Fooz : Merely A Number (Clouds of Words) (Space is Dark…It’s So Endless)

Artwork : Pink Floyd

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 193

It’s a heavy one this week, lead by new music from Yatra, Switchblade Jesus and New Zealand newcomers Pull Down The Sun with a little bit of groove from Red Spektor and The Re-Stoned.

The Desert, Ep. 109


Free – The stealer
Plattermen – Cat’s eye
The Amboy Dukes – Prodigal man
Stray Dogs – Slave
Bloodrock – Double cross
David Ledden – Baby want’s to drive off the road
The Vulgar Deli – In league with Satan
Napalm Death – Contagion
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Hell’s teeth
GRIZZLOR – Outerspace
Boris – Loveless
Beastie Boys ft. Santigold – Don’t play a game that I can’t win

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 6-10-2020

Ellis/Munk Ensemble : The Wedge (San Diego Sessions) El Paraiso
Motorpsycho : The Magpie (The All Is One) Stickman
Sun Dial : Mountain of Fire & Miracles (Mind Control) Sulatron
Zone Six : The Gotthun (Any Noise Is Intended) The Acid Test Recordings
Arcing Wires : The Lizard (Prime) Art As Catharsis
OZO : Hydra (Pluto) Drone Rock
Wino : Isolation (Forever Gone) Ripple
The Litter : Blue Ice (Emerge) Probe
Yawning Man : Tumbleweeds in the Snow (Live at Giant Rock) Heavy Psych Sounds

Artwork : Arcing Wires

Dollar Country, Ep. 114

Dollar Country Episode 114: Television Widows (10/06/20)

Frankie Meadows & The Rhythm Riders – Six Steps
Bill Bradley – Five Years And A Day
Jack Reno – Wonder Drug
Delbert Barker – Why Baby Why
Austin George – Down In Nashville Tennessee
Jim Pearson – Would You Believe
Charlie Moore And Bill Napier – Truck Driver’s Queen
David Price – Good Morning Self
Van Trevor – It’s So Good To Be Loved
Jimmy Hydrick – Slow Torture
Johnny Wiggins – The Last Breath I Breathe
Brownie Johnson – When You Smile
Bobby Gage and The Sundowners – Another World Tomorrow
Beverly Elliott – Ashamed Of You
Maggi And Marie – Television Widows
Dianne Phillips – Son Of A Railroad Bum
John Miller Jr. – I’m Tired Of Waiting
Paul Thompson – Texas Taxi