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Dollar Country, Ep. 90

Dollar Country Episode 090: Master Builder (10/30/19)

Curley Day – Sorry City 1963
Moon Mullican – Rheumatism Boogie
Fred Crawford – Hey Little Waitress
Ramblin’ Jimmie Dolan – What’s Another Broken Heart
Tommy Farr – If
Walt Scott – Heavens Golden Tower
Howard Perkins – Under Control
Olin Berry – Sick and Tired (Of Getting Up Tired And Sick)
Jim Owens – Walking Again
Clarence Nieman – Canyon City Jail
Bobby Lawton – Hello Heart
Cowboy Copas – The Stone Was Rolled Away
Big River Boys – Heading Back To The Rio Grande
Bill Monroe – Master Builder
Johnny Johnson – Heaven Only Knows
Van Ray – If The Tables Could Talk
Jim Voytek – The Ballad Of Thirteen Wives
Jimmy Hall – Bitter Tears
J. David Sloan – One Toke Over The Line

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 143

Kaiser, Arrowhead, Hazemaze and Orange Goblin singing about monsters, ghosts, shadows and fog? Must be the annual Hour of the Riff Halloween special! Don’t get scared now…

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 29-10-2019

Maat Lander : Volga Dream (Maat Lander & Sounds of New Soma split) Tonzonen
Big Dead : Petrichor (Bone White Branches) Art As Catharsis
Throatsnapper : From Wood to Gallows (About the Dead) Consouling Sounds
Mars Red Sky : Recast (The Task Eternal) Listenable
Magnolia : Tidsresenär (Ta Tjuren Vid Hornen) Transubstans  
The Master’s Apprentices : Future of Our Nation (Nickelodeon) Colombia
Sun of Man : Wish You Had Hair (single) self release
Oulu Space Jam Collective : Nebulus Horn (Drug Rings of Saturn) Adansonia

Artwork : Oulu Space Jam Collective

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 159

The court of public opinion can be a harsh spotlight. This week on Monuments in Ruin we discuss a few albums that may not have received high reviews from fans or may have been left behind in the discussion regarding their discography.

Originally aired on TrendKillRadio.com on October 28th, 2019.
Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 159 Intro
(00:46) Black Sabbath – You Wont Change Me
(08:32) Clutch – Abraham Lincoln
(14:22) Neurosis – Blisters
(21:12) Pink Floyd – Quicksilver
(27:49) Living Colour – Information Overload
(33:56) Judas Priest – Turbo Lover
(39:08) The Doors – Shamans Blues
(43:44) Graveyard – Never Theirs To Sell
(45:58) Kiss – Escape From The Island
(48:47) Kyuss – Tangy Zizzle
(53:57) Slayer – Divine Intervention

Jackie Zee, Ep. 47

It’s here! The week of Halloween. Join Jackie Zee as she plays some dark themed songs in anticipation of the best holiday of the year!
Jackie Zee on trendkillradio.com Mondays @ 7pm EST/1 am CET

00:15 Screaming Lord Sutch (UK) – Murder In The Graveyard
03:39 Black Mountain (CA) – (Over And Over) The Chain (IV 2016)
12:02 Dopethrone (CA) – Dark Foil (Dark Foil 2011)
18:35 The Devil And The Almighty Blues (NO) – The Ghosts Of Charlie Barracuda (s/t 2015)
26:42 Ordos (SE) – House Of The Dead (House Of The Dead 2017)
33:23 Zeal & Ardor (CH/US) – Blood In The River (Devil Is Fine 2016)
36:56 Lady Lizard (MT) – Statues Of Bone (Lady Lizard 2018)
44:23 Diamond Skull (AT) – Dark Wings (Sleepless 2018)
49:29 Heavydeath (SE) – Sarcophagus In The Sky (Sarcophagus In The Sky 2017)

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 149

Tonight on the show. We dive into some Heavy Stoner Blues. Some of my current favorites will jam your ear holes and feed your brain.

Sonic Collective, Ep. 72

We all love metal….But, how about when metal bands play “not so metal” music? We of course love that too! So on today’s show I’ve got metal bands and members from metal bands playing “not so metal” music. I’ve got some killer tunes from Philip H. Anselmo‘s newest band En MinorSoulfly and Danzig. It’s gonna be a mellow time brought to you by dudes who bring you the heavy!

The Desert, Ep. 69

We’re blasting off to The Desert, and host Mucky-Pup promises us that Episode 69 is all about love… of music, of course! You don’t want to miss it!

Rabbit Trails, Path 46

Do you like rock n’ roll and blues? This is the place for you!
Come hang out with me for an hour and get lost in some Rabbit Trails. Pour your favorite cocktail and forget about the daily grind! Featuring tracks from Long John Baldry, J.J. Cale, Roy Gallagher, George Harrison, Jd McPherson and more.

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 22-10-2019

This week : Free tickets for Bushman’s Revenge & Undskyld (02/11 at Sojo) !

Mantra Machine : Heliospere (Heliosphere) Self Release
Bushman’s Revenge : Sly Love With A Midnight Creeper (Et Han Mot Overklassen) Hubro
Gone Cosmic : Faded Release (Sideways In Time) Kozmik Artifactz
Monolord : No Comfort (No Comfort) Relapse
Steel Mill : Green Eyed God (Jewels of the Forest) Rise Above Records
Comacozer : Mydriasis (Mydriasis) Sound Effect Records