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Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 189

This week, Hour of the Riff is going down under with an all Australian playlist. We’ve got previews of the new Narla and Kimono Drag Queens albums which are coming out on the awesome Aussie label Copper Feast Records and we’ve got the latest from Turtle Skull, Kitchen Witch and the debut single from new band Robot God.

Songs to Nowhere, Ep. 80

We’re pretty stoked for a Monday… we’ve got a brand new show from Isabel, Songs to Nowhere!!! Tune in and find out why it’s one of our favorite shows on the network… always fresh, ambient and perfect to get your mind right. Don’t miss it!

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 194

Eclectic Electric

Tonight I dip back into the 90s for some of my favorite alternative joints. I will feed your ears with blasts from the past. You will tasty treats from: #chemicalbrothers #marilynmanson #stabbingwestward #gravitykills #primitiveradiogods #filter #depechemode #crystalmethod #fatboyslim #sneakerpimps #moby #nineinchnails

The Desert, Ep. 106

onight on The Desert​, we deliver great forgotten songs from forgotten bands and amazing emerging bands you should know about!

Silverhead – Underneath the light
Blues Creation – Demon & 11 children
Excalibur – Light in the dark
Head Over Heels – Question
Freedom’s Children – Sea horses
Seum​ – Seum
Pod People​ – Speaking in tongues
Lucifungus​ – 411
Into Orbit​ – Horus
Wolf Wizard​ – Rotting

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 188

Hour of the Riff Episode 188 rocks right out of the gates with Neil Fallon singing on a cover of AC/DC’s Riff Raff and doesn’t stop (until the hour is up). Check out new music from Night, Slomosa, Brule, Mr. Bison and a shit ton more!

Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 193

Tonight I’m just jammin away. I put together an outrageous set list that somehow worked. In no particular order you will hear noise from the following: #zeppelin #clutch #staticx #motorhead #janesaddiction #perfectcircle #deftones #blacksabbath #soulfly #sepultara #ironmaiden #slipknot #pantera

Sonic Collective, Ep. 95

Hey kids! It’s a long holiday weekend! I’ve got some killer familiar jams and some awesome new music from Deftones and Mr. Bungle!! Plus….The return of looooong sooooong.

The Desert, Ep. 105

Tonight on The Desert, after taking it easy last week, we turn it waaaayyyy up and heavy just the way you like it…

Judas Priest – One for the road
Ihre Kinder – Hexenhammer
Mendoza – A sinful man
Edgar Alan Poe – Considerazioni
YES (official) – Beyond and Before
Electric Wizard – See you in hell
Cathedral – Melancoly emperor
Workshed – The windowpanes at the Lexington
Septictank – Treasurers of disease
Slayer – Hallowed point
Power Trip – Crucifixation
Warsaw – Warsaw
Agent Orange – Bloodstains

Dollar Country, Ep. 112

Dollar Country Episode 112: Crazy Road Hog (9/2/20)

That’s Bert Munro in the picture there, check him out!

Tex Larabey – Music To Get Stoned To
Rita Lorraine – Dark Back Street Alley
Hank Locklin – Empty Bottle, Empty Heart
The Farmer Boys – I’m Just Too Lazy
Fred Prue with Roy Baxter & His Combo – Don’t Wink At Me
Wayne Raney – I Had My Fingers Crossed
Rose Maddox – There Ain’t No Love
Ann J. Morton – Molly Jones
Freddy Taylor – In Your Own Little Way
Sonny Miller – The Girl I Love
Neal Merritt – Bartender Sell Me The Bar
Harry F. Chestler – Dragging Me Down
Eddie Miller – Behind Closed Doors
Rocky Lane and Vernon Miller – Crazy Road Hog
Eddie Lee – I’ll Think Of You
Linda Cassady & Urel Albert – Mom, Can I Bring Home A Friend
Frank Dycus – My Pursuit Of Happiness
John T. Singer – Big Fat Mama
Buddy Landon – Hot 100 Of The Lord

Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 187

Get ready for another dose of new music from the underground, with Scorched Oak, Honeybadger, Turtle Skull and Serpent Omega all impressing on their first Hour of the Riff appearances, while Khemmis close out the show with an awesome Alice In Chains cover.