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The Schizophonic – Session 170

It’s been said that Black Sabbath are The Godfathers of Heavy Metal. They are right. Tune in to The Schizophonic on Trendkill Radio to hear other musicians and bands pay the ultimate tribute by covering their songs. Originally aired Tuesday 12/28 at 9pm est only on www.trendkillradio.com.

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 254

Hour of the Riff Request Show 12 is here; and this time the playlist was chosen by:

Jim Share
Gary Acton
Glenn Oliveros
Laurence Meechan
Pieter Koffijberg
Pierro Lefoo
Bill Miller
Ian Rennie
Leif Sandstrom

Have a great new year!

Dollar Country, Ep. 162

Graveyard Dance

Sydney Ester – UFO On Farm Road 318
Ernie Ole’shay – A Honeymoon Trip To Mars
Don Bowers and The Outlaws – Child Of Friday
Scotty Stoneman with The Blue Grass Champs – Heartaches Keep On Coming
Bud Parker – Iron Worker’s Lament
Dorse Lewis – Big Rock In The Coal Miners Way
The Phipps Family – Hurrican Creek Mine Explosion
The Country Gentlemen – Cannonball Yodel
Bluegrass Texans – I Haven’t Seen Mary In Years
Lance Hill – Memories Of A G.I. In Viet Nam
Danny Michaels – Howard Are You Still Alive
Bud & Bud The Hooper Twins – Howard Hughes Is Alive And Well
Russ Thompson and The Arkansas Blue Birds – My Arkansas Baby
Gary Wayne – 30 Miles North Of Tijuana
Kitty Lou – That’s Wher I Came In
Ray Sanders – Graveyard Dance

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The Schizophonic, Ep. 169

Who wants to take a trip back to the 80’s? When hair metal ruled the airwaves. That’s just what we are going to do on tonight’s session of The Schizophonic on Trendkill Radio. So Throw on a pair of tight pants, your animal print tops, a pair of leopard boots, a mini skirt and a denim jacket. Don’t forget a splash of Calvin Klein Obsession or Drakkar Noir. And make sure to Aqua Net your hair to the ceiling. Originally aired Tuesday 12/21/21 at 9pm EST. Only on www.trendkillradio.com

Finding DiRT E.012

The final episode of DiRT I’ll have for you in 2021! This is the conclusion of an extended version of a show I put together earlier this year which, to my mind, feels like the closest I’ve come to achieving a “perfect mix”. Check it out to see if I’m right. If you do, then I thank you for listening to this return journey from the mountains of loudness!
Happy Holidays!
Set List:
[ending of] “At the Mountains of Loudness” . 0:00:45
“Lost in Introspection” . 0:03:20
“Was It A Dream” . 0:08:14
“Still Right Here (lhm edit)” . 0:12:04
“Yasmin the Light” . 0:19:28
“Perpetual Change” . 0:26:19
“Flowers Of Light” . 0:35:01
“Your New Normal” . 0:40:00
“When the Fool Becomes a King” . 0:43:35
“They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light” . 0:53:46

Hour of the Riff, Ep. 253

Tune in for Hour of the Riff’s top 10 albums of the year!

Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 242


Tonight we cover some great jams from the mighty Pink Floyd!! I hand picked some of my favorite covers from some of my favorite bands. Again, you will be pleasantly surprised with what you hear. So join me, Fridays at 9PM Eastern.

The Desert, Ep. 151

It’s time to drop acid, take some shrooms and trip ball out on this psychedelic episode…

PLAYING TRACKS BY: LOW ORBIT, Spaceslug, The Spacelords, Bardo Pond, TATRAN and more.

Max Wax Live, Vol. 110

Featuring Bill Fultz – 12.15.21

Tonight on Max Wax, we’re joined in the studio by photographer, friend and fellow music junkie Bill Fultz! Bill’s a heavy collector of industrial albums and it’s going to be loud in the studio tonight! We’ll be chatting about music and also his efforts to help preserve and highlight Kentucky’s landscape, full of waterfalls and natural arches… but mostly we’ll just be spinning killer jams and laughing. Originally aired 12.15.21, live from the Trendkill Studio.

Dollar Country, Ep. 161

There’s Nothing Sacred Anymore

Johnny Buckett and His Cumberland River Boys – Hippie In A Blunder
Henry And The Brush Creek Bunch – Springtime Memories
Barbara Thrasher And The Cajuns – Would You Believe
Dean And Jean – Midnight World
Harold Varney – There’s Nothing Sacred Anymore
Sandra Lee – Love Sick Blues
Penny Joyce – I Can’t Forgive You
Lou Farnam – Whats It To You
Cindy Glynn – Don’t Go Away Mad
Curtis Wayne – Round Hole Guitar
Jim Gregory – Mass Confusion
Jimmy Hpea And The Melody Masters – Alone At A Phone
Le’ Banon – These Blues I’ll Try To Stay
Harry Gullett And The Wheels – The Wondering Man
Hal Kapper & The Rhythm Playboys – Why
Lleon Merritt – Lovely, Lovely You
Mack White – She Only Has My Name
Lance Hill – Thurman Holler

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