Sessions with Jimbo, Ep. 202

The Dirty Let’s get a little weird tonight shall we? I borrowed a playlist and added some more to it. Tonight we get a little trippy. So join me and I will bring you sonic gifts from the follow:#KingKhan #blackwidowband #atomicrooster #buffalo #thepeanutbutterconspiracy #hawkwind #savoybrown #bulbouscreation #LeafHound #thehumaninstinct #speedglueandshinki

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The Desert, Ep. 115

19nov2020 Tonight on The Desert, it’s all about keyboards! Lucifer – Solomon’s ringKraftwerk – Heavy metal kidsModulo 1000 – Turpe est sinecrine caputTangerine Dream – Cloudburst flightBruce Haak – Word game500 FT. of Pipe – Wear it outThe Dead Weather – Are ‘friends’ electric?Zombi – Surface to airSula Bassana – Sandwaves

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Dollar Country, Ep. 120

The Storm Has Just Begun Howdy folks, here’s this week’s episode. A lot of these records came from a few boxes marked “misc piles” from late 2019 and 2020 quarantine. I should have the new Christmas tape in hand later this week, so keep a look out to the social medias for updates on that....

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The Schizophonic, Ep. 120

Hey Trendkillers, I know it’s been awhile but I’m back with an all new session of The Schizophonic.Tonight’s theme will be “Musically Adventurous”Tune it at 9pm EST to hear artists like Porcupine Tree, Mastadon, Jason Beiler, Coheed and Cambria and Mars Volta.

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Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 17-11-2020

Playlist:Molassess : Formless Hands (Through The Hollow) Season of Mist Kairon;IRSE! : Welcome Blue Valkyrie (Polysomn) Svart Polymoon : Läzaward (Caterpillars of Creation) SvartYatra : All Is Lost (All Is Lost) Grimoire RecordsRozamov : Serpent Cult (This Mortal Road) Dullest RecordsDraconian : The Sacrificial Flame (Under A Godless Veil) Season of MistCelestial Season : Long Forlorn Tears...

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Hour of the Riff, Ep. 198

After last week’s request show, we’re back to the new music on Hour of the Riff 198. Check out the new jams from Torito, Serpents of Secrecy, Dö, Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol and more.

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