Max Wax Live, Vol. 84

Mack is hitting the Trendkill decks LIVE… and is bringing a stack of wax that includes some of his favorites from 2020. From Arlo McKinley to Sturgill Simpson… from Deftones to Sevendust… and back to Foxy Shazam and The Harmed Brothers… we’re bringing a lil’ something for everyone.

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Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 162

After a long hiatus, Episode 162 of Monuments in Ruin finds our host dipping a toe back the water with a new year mix that covers a range of funk, punk, psychedelic heaviness and all of the variety that makes up the roller-coaster called Monuments in Ruin. Did i say dip a toe? This is...

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Max Wax, Vol. 83, w/ guest host Walter DeBarr

This show was recorded LIVE on-air and Mack was joined on the phone by the incomparable Walter DeBarr Music. We launched the Trendkill debut of Walter’s new single, “Blackened” and the entire show was curated by WD, then spun live from vinyl in the Trendkill Studio. The first of many guests this year, from all...

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Dollar Country, Ep. 122

Winner Take All Music from a simpler time. Tune into Dollar Country for another hour of real country music, from the days before Nashville killed it. All curated from the Dollar Bins of America and presented in amazing 45 RPM fidelity! Set list below… Allene Yokum – The Nashville RageLance Hill – Ridin’, Ropin’, Wranglin’Bill...

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The Schizophonic, Ep. 127

Although it was a stressful year, there was still a ton of killer music that was released in 2020. Tune in as we take a multiple genre look at a few of Chuck’s favorites, with such diverse artists like Jason Bieler, Butch Walker, Revelry Gang, Deftones, The Pineapple Thief and many more. Originallly aired Tuesday...

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Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 05-01-21

Wake Up special : Some favorites of 2020 pt2 Playlist:Elder : In Procession (Omens) Kingnomad : Tillbakablick The Usurper King (Sagan Om Rymden)Slift : Dark Was Space, Cold Were The Stars (Ummon)Molasses : Get Out From Under (Through the Hollow)Dool : Wolf Moon (Summerland)Paradise Lost : Forsaken (Obsidian)Briqueville : Akte IX (Quelle)Onségen Ensemble : Non-Returner (Fear)Oranssi...

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