Max Wax Live!, Vol. 101

Well hell… I don’t even really feel like doing a show tonight, given the heaviness of the news. But it occurred to me that a lot of fans of, not only Dusty Hill and ZZ Top, but also Joey Jordison of Slipknot and Mike Howe of Metal Church, may be wishing they could drop the...

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The Schizophonic, Ep. 152

The Schizophonic was stunned to hear the news of Metal Church’s Mike Howe passing, To that end we thought that it was time for an Old School Metal Show. So come join us over on Trendkill Radio. Originally aired on Tuesday 7/27/21 at 9pm

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Finding DiRT, E. 004

Set List:.Side A0:00:47 . Gdynia80 by Lonker See (2/7)0:08:45 . Dreamhead by Shadow Show (2/14)0:14:26 . Lie Down (feat Madman Butterfly) by Humanist (2/21)0:18:04 . Pantomima by Greg Dulli (2/21)0:21:30 . Hyperion by SLIFT (2/28)0:25:45 . The Lidless Eye by Luminous Bodies (2/7)0:28:50 . All is Lost by Wasted Shirt (2/28).Side B0:31:54 . Sun Devil...

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Hour of the Riff, Ep. 232

A lot of groove and a lot of riffs feature on Hour of the Riff Episode 232. New music from The Age of Truth, Borracho, Bottomless, Planet of the Dead and Holy Death Trio should have you moving.

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The Desert, Ep. 138

On this episode, tons of new music and great oldies.

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Dollar Country, Ep. 143

The Osborne Brothers and Red Allen – Love PainsSally Marcum – Go Go GirlsGene Tyndall – Whipporwill SerenadeChuck Price – Sweet Peace Of MindWhitey Carson – Ramblin’ Eyes (Gamblin Heart)Rube Rogers – Ten In The BookCordell Roberts – The Man Who Walked Eight MilesRay Holly – I’ll Take The BlameLinda Webb – Running Around On...

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