Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 151

This week, Jimbo will take a little dusty psychedelic trip down the stoney path. He’s bringing you some of the best 70s roots stoner jams. You will hear some beautiful jams from the following: #paganalter#blueoystercult#bluecheer#freshblueberrypancake#randyholden#wikedlady#bulbouscreation#budgie#leafhound#bullet#cirithungol

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Rabbit Trails, Path 48

On the last Path of this season:Tune in with David Scott as he digs through some old lost gems and some new gems that need to be discovered! You’ll hear a brand new track from Matthew Paul Butler! It’s something fresh and new! Also classics such as JJ Cale and the Hollies.So pour yourself something...

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Dollar Country, Ep. 91

Dollar Country Episode 091: Big Balls In Cowtown (11/13/19) That’s Hoyle Nix & his band in the photo Sonny Burns – Too Hot To HandleArkie Shibley – Hot Rod RaceHoyle Nix – Big Balls In CowtownRoy Miller – Alabama JubileeBobby Atkins – Memories Of President John F. KennedyWes Holden – That Big Man In WashingtonTodd...

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Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 12-11-2019

Playlist:The Re-Stoned : Chromagnetic Stomp (10PI) Qiasum/ClostridiumMonkey 3 : Axis (Sphere) NapalmMamiffer : All That Is Beautiful (The Brilliant Tabernacle) SigeMike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier : Ballad C.3.3 (Corpse Flower) IpecacYour Highness : Black Fever (Your Highness) HoogheidThe Progerians : Netjeret (Crush the Wise Men who Refuse to Submit) Mottow SoundzKadavar : Children of...

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Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 145

Take a trip through psych country with Ecstatic Vision and Taraban, venture into boogie land with Kamchatka and There Will Be Blood and trudge through thick riffs with Kirk Windstein and Firebreather on the latest episode of Hour of the Riff.

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Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 150

SESSIONS with JIMBO. I have Session 150 THE MD DOOMFEST 2020! I am bringing you a few of the bands that are part of a stellar lineup of heavy. On this show you will here jams from the following: #theageoftruth #alms #bloodceremony #mondogenerator #switchbladejesus #dyerwulf #shadowwitch #wolftooth #cavern #mddoomfest.

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