Hour of the Riff, Ep. 230

Fresh doom from Rat King and Witchcryer, psych from Big Scenic Nowhere and Comet Control and riffs from newcomers Black Citrus is what you’re gonna get from Hour of the Riff Episode 230.

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Songs to Nowhere, Ep. 102

This show features tracks by  10 000 Russos, KAPUTT, Bilk, FEET, Guru and more.

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The Desert, Ep. 136

On this episode, Canadian Oi!, punk, grind, hardcore, amazing “noise rock” from 13yrs old, Japanese madness, great frontwomen and 70s awesomeness…

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Max Wax Live!, Vol. 99

Special Guest Host: Scott Risner Serious vinyl listening… and serious music talk! We have the shredder extraordinaire from Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle, Mr. Scott Risner , joining us and he’s bringing a stack of wax full of rock, grass and soul to introduce us to. Grab some insight into where he’s been,...

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Finding DiRT E.002

Finding DiRT E.002 (Finds from JAN 2020 #2) TKR air date 29JUN21 This week, you’ll hear some encore performances from the bands featured in the first episode; mainly because when I listened to their albums, I found it very difficult to settle on only one track as share-worthy (an indication of how often I was...

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