Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 176

Rough and ready, live and loud! That’s how Hour of the Riff is coming to you this week, inspired by the new Orange Goblin live album and the need for live music. Check out this playlist of live tracks and remind yourself of what you’ve been missing during Covid 19 hell!

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Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 181

Tonight it’s all about unity and love. I’m bringing you some roots rock reggae. The old heads are bringing you some great tunes to help get through the trying times. Tonight we will be blessed with jams from the following: #bobmarley #africanprincess #dennisbrown #gregoryisaacs #africanson #mcwoner #johnholt #doncarlos #zion #joehiggs #jimmycliff #ethiopians #kingperry #leeperry #gladstoneandersons #theflames #earlsixteen #sylfordwalker

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Sonic Collective, Ep. 89

With everything going on in the world. We need a pick me up. Well….I’ve got it for you….Just kidding. I’ve got an hour of 80’s Goth for you today! That’s right. If you’re down in the dumps, this probably isn’t going to help! Lol I’ve got some moody/gloomy tunes for those ears of yours! Stop...

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Dollar Country, Ep. 106

Dollar Country Episode 106: Roll On Buddy (6/10/2020) The King Brothers – Big DaddyCharlie Bailey – I Don’t Mean To Cry When You’re GoneEddie Noack- What’s The Matter, Joe?The Compton Brothers – Pickin’ Up The MailHoward Crockett – I’d Like To Be Everybody For Just One DayGene Stewart and the River Ranch Boys – Walk...

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Wake Up! Theme Special: Black Music Matters

WAKE UP!!! If you haven’t noticed, there’s something happening here… and what it is is pretty damn clear. We’re stoked to have a brand new Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe hitting at 1PM EST, 6PM GMT, and it’s a Black Music Matters Special! No, Benny is in Belgium, which makes this even more...

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Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 175

Hour of the Riff returns with a bucket full of new music from Tape Shapes, Bismarck, RRRags and Hail The Void, a new band to the scene, who have come out with possibly one of the best debuts of the year! Intrigued? Press play and let Hour of the Riff Episode 175 hit you with...

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