Hour of the Riff, Ep. 220

Slomo Sapiens, 10 000 Years, Snail, Rift Giant and Deathchant all have new music and it’s all here on Hour of the Riff, so what are you waiting for?

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Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 177

This week we will dig into what could be called the Art Rock or No Wave scene. For me , it is simply the world of non-traditional song structures and sounds. This is a wonderful environment to wander through. If this is new to you, hang on for the ride. If this is familiar ground,...

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The Desert, Ep. 126

On this episode, we bring you heavy 70’s ringers and new and upcoming music from Montréal.

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Dollar Country, Ep. 121

A special episode today, this one was a patreon/radio only episode that I’m releasing wholesale. Cheers 01 Arlie Duff – You All Come (1953)02 Sonny Burns – Too Hot To Handle (1953)03 Eddie Noack – Don’t Trade (1954)04 Glenn Barber – Ice Cold Water (1954)05 Arlie Duff – Fifteen Cents A Sop (1955)06 Eddie Noack...

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