Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 1-12-2020

Orange Factory series pt2 : 2000 and 2001, the birth of the “stoner sessions” and the start of a wonderful collaboration with Malleus! 

Karma To Burn : Eight (Wild Wonderfull Purgatory)
Leadfoot : Take A Look (Take A Look)
Dozer : Lightyears Ahead (In the Tail of A Comet)
Candybar Planet : Dirttrack (32 Bitch)
Ufomammut : Snake (Godlike Snake)
Sons of Otis : Mile High (Temple Ball)
Electric Wizard : Barbarian (Dopethrone)
Insider : Divine Breath (Jammin’for A Smiling God)
Lowrider : Flat Earth (Ode To Io)
35007 : Von Braun (Sea of Tranquillity)
Celestial Season : Stardust (Chrome)
Mark D : The Hobnail Paisley (The Silent Treatment)
Mammoth Volume : Seagull (Noara Dance) 
Hypnos 69 : A Neverending Enigma (Timeline Traveller)
That’s All Folks : Marigold (Soma…Third Way to Zion)
Colour Haze : Outside (Ewige Blumenkraft)
The Atomic Bitchwax : Gettin’ Old
The Mushroom River Band : To the World Beyond
Sixty Watt Shaman : Low Earth Orbit
Pawnshop : Supersonic Device