Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe, 31-03-2020

We’re cranking the amps up to 11 for the next couple of hours. It’s a brand new Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe! Benny’s bringing the fire with Pinkish BlackWOORMSKALEVALAHigh PriestessRed Sparowes and way, way more. Loud music is the best remedy for the self-quarantine blues, so let’s get heavy!

Insect Ark : Tectonic (The Vanishing) Profound Lore
Woorms : Silence and the Saints (Twitching, As Prey) Hopsital/Sludgelord
Krokofant with Storløkken & Håker Flaten : Q part 3 (Q) Rune Grammofon
Pinkish Black : Petit Mal Concept (Unification) Relapse
Little Albert : Swamp King (Swamp King) Aural Music
Davi Rodriguez de Lima : Tamed (Fantasma) Sulatron
High Priestess : Casting the Circle (Casting the Circle) Ripple
Šamane : Yö Hallitsee Taivasta (Kaukana Virtaa Eufrat) Last Day Records
Kalevala : Escape from the Storm (People No Names) Svart
Red Sparowes : Alone and Unaware, the Landscape Was Transformed in Front of Our Eyes (At the Soundless Dawn) Neurot

Artwork : Woorms