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Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 161

Episode 161 of Monuments in Ruin rages on into the new year with a glitch in the matrix, cover songs, the summer of 69, hate mail for great albums,...

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Songs To Nowhere, Ep. 62

The Holidaze are over… time to face reality with a smooth cup of Songs to Nowhere! Isabel has a way of putting together tracks from bands you need to discover,...

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Special Lady Time, Ep. 3 – The Dirty Birds

Lisa has a very colorful talk with the members of an amazing collaborative group, The Dirty Birds, and they chisel at your heart with 3 amazing live tracks, in...

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Sessions With Jimbo, Ep. 158

On this new Session for the New Year. I take you back to the late 60’s. Back to Laurel Canyon California. We dive deep into the grass roots of...

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Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 2019 Favorites, Pt. 2

Wake Up Special : Favorites of 2019 pt2 Playlist:Centrum : Vid Floden (För Meditation) Rocket recordings  Kandodo : King Vulture (K3) Rooster Rock Maat Lander : Lunar Module (Maat Lander &...

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Hour Of The Riff, Ep. 152

Jonny Clause has made his list, based on your requests, checked it twice and is dropping down the chimney this morning to deliver you the goods on the last Hour...

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Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 160

This episode launches us on a trip through  the west coast with some mid 80’s classics, taps into a local connect, wallows in some 90’s treats, showcases a couple of...

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Songs To Nowhere, Ep. 61

One of the most amazing shows… Isabel takes us for an hour long trip through the atmosphere. Featuring tracks from SLIFT, Sei Still, Casual Nun, Viagra Boys, Camera and more.

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Featured Artists


Chelsea Nolan

Singer - songwriter

Chelsea is blowing minds with her voice and amazing songwriting talents. Hailing from Eastern Kentucky, she’s performed with Tyler Childers, Ethan Hunt and more.


Black Mountain

Rock / metal

Spaced Age Rock and Roll that will get your blood pumping, these guys are set to take over the world with their new album “Destroyer” already exploding speakers.


Ian Noe

Singer / songwriter

Ian Noe is a singer/songwriter out of Beattyville, Ky. His new album, “Between the Country” is being highly praised by the likes of NPR and Rolling Stone Magazine. 




Proof that there is a ton of badass stuff left to be done in rock and roll but also that ZED might be our generation’s rock gods.  –Metal Injection

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