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Songs to Nowhere, Ep. 112

This show features tracks by  Je Rentrais par le bois…BB, 10000 Russos, Gnod, L.A. Witch, Sei Still and more.

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Dollar Country, Ep. 153

Born Loser Dollar Country is supported by donations, please consider supporting the 01 Bud Alden and The Buckaroos – When The Ice Worms Nest Again02 Joe Reeves –...

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The Schizophonic, Ep. 162

Join us on The Schizophonic on Trendkill Radio as we take a detour from our normal heaviness with a trip through the sounds of acoustic music. Featuring artists like...

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LHM’s Halloween Vibe Special, Act I

KTFT Air Date-12oct21 From the 2016 LHM project:“Best of Halloween Vibe I – III: A Frightful Concept Mix in Three Acts”.Let the three weeks long ramp-up to Halloween begin!Included...

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Hour of the Riff, Ep. 243

We start off episode 243 with classics from Truckfighters and Stonewall Noise Orchestra before diving into the new music with tracks from Wooden Fields, Our Man In The Bronze...

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Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 190

Continuing our celebration of the shadows, EP190 takes us deeper into the hallowed grounds of darkness. Watch your back as you dig into the spooky sounds of tombstones, blood...

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Max Wax Live, Vol. 106

Nu Jazz, Pt. 1 – Oct. 06, 2021 Tonight on a brand new and crazy Max Wax Live, we’re diving into Nu-Jazz. Music Discovery, right? Trust this… ambient, soulful,...

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The Schizophonic, Ep. 161

It’s Tuesday! That means it’s time for another session of The Schizophonic on Trendkill Radio. Tune in to hear a mix of some killer hard rock tunes. No official...

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Featured Artists

Sam Fender

Americana - Rock

With an amazing songwriting ability coupled with lush and brilliant production, Sam Fender’s latest effort, “Seventeen Going Under” is evidence that brilliance will always rise to the surface.

mr. Gnome

Psychedelic - art rock

Psychedelic Art Rock with massive hooks, Mr. Gnome is a duo who is currently riding the wave from their 2020 melodic masterpiece, “The Day You Flew Away”. Can’t wait for what we haven’t heard, yet.

Our Man in the Bronze Age

Progressive Rock - Alternative - Post Rock

With the release of their 2nd LP, “Hexed Endeavors”, OMitBA have cemented themselves into the world of space shifting heaviness that doesn’t cross the line in any of it’s multiple directions. Instant Classic.

Nathaniel Cross

Jazz - Fusion - Nu Jazz

Once dubbed “the Quincy Jones of Catford” by Rolling Stone magazine, Nathaniel Cross is an incredible talent who’s release “The Description is not The Described” is the perfect mix of soulful jazz, r&b and beats.

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