Dollar Country, Ep. 130

Dollar Country Episode 130: Pandemic Favorites

Some of my favorite finds from the past year.

Red Tuck – Power Line Man
Howard County Dump 3 Mile Island
Hank The Drifter – Hank You’re Gone (But Not Forgotten)
Bob Boswell – Fall Out
Travis Hobbs – Old Lobo The Killer
Jay Chevalier – Ballad Of Marc Elishe
Jake Tolbert – Jake’s Trip To The Goat Rock
Christy Burroughs – Swamp Guinea Legend
Linda Cassady & Urel Albert – Mom, Can I Bring Home A Friend
Dean Gross – Hello Frisco, Goodbye Viet Nam
J.C. Mitchell & The Skylanders – The Ballad Of Bogard
Skid Row Joe – Bottle Buddy
Cal Veale – Paralyzed
Texas Diamonds – Indian Love Call
Eldon Clint – Floyd Collins The Cavin’ Man
Brenda Vaughn – Will The Circle Be Unbroken