Dollar Country, Ep. 131

Dollar Country Episode 131: Mainline

Tex Thurman – I’m Having My Laugh Now
Eddie Noack – Scarecrow
Big Jim Edwards – So Undecided
Ralph Chamberlain – You’ll Be The Sad One
Buddy Pruitt – Who Am I Fooling
Glenn Thompson – King Of The Endless Highways
The Moonlighters – Mainline
The Elder Brothers – In Echo Canyon
Ted Doyle – Just One More Glass
Bill Snow and Sonny Woodring – The Hands You’re Holding Now
Bob Eaton – Don’t You Know Me Anymore
Tex Zario – Between The Lines
Bink Burns – Muddy River
Jimmy Work – I Never Thought I Have The Blues
The Combinations – Here’s To Love Again
Troy Hess – Little Nita
Baker Brothers – The Mine Explosive
Buck “Pepper” Jones – Don’t Pity Me