Dollar Country, Ep. 157

Tacos for Two

Howard Bratcher – Playboy
Howard Bratcher – Out There Again
Jesse Mattingly – Till My Money Run Out
Tommy Hancock and the Border Patrol – Tacos For Two
The Kentucky Mountain Boys – You’re Not Easy To Forget
Arkey Blue and the Blue Cowboys – Too Many Pills
Arkey Blue – Daddy’s Sick Again
Buddy Pruitt – I’m Learning Now
Chuck Penny – Florida Man
Sue Coffman – Rig Pushing Man
Patsy Cline – How Can I Face Tomorrow
Patsy Cline – A Church, A Courtroom, Then Goodbye
Curt Gibson – Cold Steel Door
Lyle Johnson – You’re Gone
The Odds & Ends – Vicious Circle
Leroy Lane and The Wranglers – I’m Gonna Be Rich
Jim “Cherokee” Whitlock – Cherry Red Wine
Tommie Peairce and The Country Gentleman – Part Time Man
The Country Boys – Just Joshing

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