Dollar Country, Ep. 158

Odds & Ends Oct 2021

Rod Hart – Choke Up On The 8 Ball
Wilf Conway – Thunder & Lightning
Patsy Coleman – A Little Love here
Tony Douglas – Baby, When The Sun Goes Down
Mona Kerry – Half Moon
Little Billy Newton – Why Did I Do It
Jimmie lauderdale and the Harmony Masters – The Flame Of Love
Kathy Nunn – Everytime I’m Near You
Chesley Carroll – Hippie From Mississippi
Eddie Lee – I Wish I Was Home
Dusty King – Wake Up And Worry
Russell Minich & The Country Playboys – Long Ways To Kansas City
George Miner – C.Q. Boogie
Spirits Of Bluegrass – I’m A Clown
Ramona Reed – Backing Up
Freddie Frank – This Old Rig
Art Pettibone – Clouds In The Sky
Jerry ‘Eli’ Lee – The Pawnbroker