Dollar Country, Ep. 161

There’s Nothing Sacred Anymore

Johnny Buckett and His Cumberland River Boys – Hippie In A Blunder
Henry And The Brush Creek Bunch – Springtime Memories
Barbara Thrasher And The Cajuns – Would You Believe
Dean And Jean – Midnight World
Harold Varney – There’s Nothing Sacred Anymore
Sandra Lee – Love Sick Blues
Penny Joyce – I Can’t Forgive You
Lou Farnam – Whats It To You
Cindy Glynn – Don’t Go Away Mad
Curtis Wayne – Round Hole Guitar
Jim Gregory – Mass Confusion
Jimmy Hpea And The Melody Masters – Alone At A Phone
Le’ Banon – These Blues I’ll Try To Stay
Harry Gullett And The Wheels – The Wondering Man
Hal Kapper & The Rhythm Playboys – Why
Lleon Merritt – Lovely, Lovely You
Mack White – She Only Has My Name
Lance Hill – Thurman Holler

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