Dollar Country, Ep. 162

Graveyard Dance

Sydney Ester – UFO On Farm Road 318
Ernie Ole’shay – A Honeymoon Trip To Mars
Don Bowers and The Outlaws – Child Of Friday
Scotty Stoneman with The Blue Grass Champs – Heartaches Keep On Coming
Bud Parker – Iron Worker’s Lament
Dorse Lewis – Big Rock In The Coal Miners Way
The Phipps Family – Hurrican Creek Mine Explosion
The Country Gentlemen – Cannonball Yodel
Bluegrass Texans – I Haven’t Seen Mary In Years
Lance Hill – Memories Of A G.I. In Viet Nam
Danny Michaels – Howard Are You Still Alive
Bud & Bud The Hooper Twins – Howard Hughes Is Alive And Well
Russ Thompson and The Arkansas Blue Birds – My Arkansas Baby
Gary Wayne – 30 Miles North Of Tijuana
Kitty Lou – That’s Wher I Came In
Ray Sanders – Graveyard Dance

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