Dollar Country, Ep. 166

Wanderers Of The Wasteland

Cowboy Herb Brown – Corn Bread And Gravy
Ernie Hoppe – Crash On The Freeway
Buzzy Busby & The Bayou Boys – Blue Viet Nam Skies
Kay Austin – The Lord Rested On Sunday
Slim Skellett & The Slim Skellet Trio – Wanderers Of The Wasteland
Julie Richmond – You’re Killing Me
Jack Allison – The Cowboy’s Boss
Arkey Blue – Somewhere Between Haggard And Jones
Bobby Lawton – Pleaase Come Get Your Memories
Eddie Noack – Left Over Lovin’
Pat And Annie Mae – Cincinnati Ohio
Tommy Jackson – Flat Top Box
Grady Rollins – Spit-Toon Song
Burt Lynch – The Man From Tennessee
Paula Thompson – Mother, Queen Of My Heart
The Louvin Brothers – Pitfall
Hank Beach – Hopkinsville Mailman

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