Dollar Country, Ep. 185

Two Sides To Everything

Bob Leers – The World’s Gone Mad
Jack Cardwell – Whiskey, Women And Loaded Dice
Bill Brock – Hardtimes
Arlie Duff – Money Hungry
The Louvin Brothers – When I Loved You
Mary Ann Speece – Two Empty Arms
Don Branch – El Paso
Gene Nitz – Running From The Law
Joyce (Jo) Graves – Two Sides To Everything
Sterling Blythe – You Picked Up A Stranger
Delbert E. Williams – The Peanut Man
Dale McCartney – Bottle, And Broken Heart
Norma Lyn – Rambling Man
Buddy Pruitt & The Truck Drivers – I Won’t Be Gone Too Long
Buddy Pruitt & The Roughnecks – Just As Sure
Gary Van – Kathy Wouldn’t Hurt A Fly
Jim Nesbitt – The Lizard Man

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