Dollar Country, Ep. 92

Dollar Country Episode 092: The Bottle And The Glass (11/27/19)

Sons Of The Pioneers – Cigareets, Whusky, And Wild, Wild Women
Hoyle Nix And His West Texas Cowboys – Texas Girl
The Dixie Ryders – Mama’s Resting In Heaven
Dick Van Hale – Lonely Hours
Elsie Shaw – It Doesn’t Really Matter Anymore
Jim Hadley – Mister Brown
Lon Thomas – Whiskey And Weed
Dixie Drifter – Don’t You Buy No Ugly Truck
Don Mason – Where Are You Now When We Need You Ross Perot
Freddy Frank – The Friendly Cigarette
Del Reeves – Johnny Appleseed
Smokey Stover – Ballad Of Jimmy Hoffa
Charlene Arthur & The Knights – Hello Baby
Gene McKown – I’m Out On The Town
Tommy Barnett – The Bottle And The Glass
Del Henry – Huslia Hustler
Everett Faulkner – Mother Natures Problems
Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen – Heart Over Mind