Dollar Country, Ep. 95

Dollar Country Episode 095: The Big Eye (1/8/20)

Jimmy Parks & Ozark Hillbillies – Blue Darling
Vince Roberts – Blue Hearted Me
Benny Williams – Hiking For JFK
Jimmie Driftwood – Damyankee Lad
Johnny & Ann Rion – Sweat On My Brow
George Avak – Shackles And Chains
Cunha & Dawson – Yo Yo Man
Red Rhodes – The Big Eye
Arnold Smith – Go Petty Go
Kenny Roberts – The Bully Of The Town
Robby Roberson – The Habit
Robert Layton – Bottle Of Forget
Doug Duncan – Somebody Tell Sara Jane
Troy Crane – Ballad Of A Condemned Man
C. Leroy Pyle – Souvenirs Of A Broken Love Affair
Clyde Stewart – On Parole
Martin Wendell – An Ode To Burtis Dean
Buddy Lane – Crowded City
Carroll County Ramblers – Gathering Flowers For The Masters Bouquet