Dollar Country, Ep. 96

Dollar Country Episode 096: Forty Four Hours (1/29/20)

That’s Johnny Ringo in the picture

Charlie Huff – Lonely Me
The Eddy Trio and Jimmy Derr – Beyond These Walls
Grady owen – 36 From Dallas
Alvie Self – The Little House (On The Back Of A Truck)
Buddy Meredith – Little Black Bug
Rita Starr – Forty Four Hours
The Noeton Quartet – Jesus Use Me
Paradise Playboys – The Big Wind
Wayne Stimson – Glasgow County Jail
Bobby Garrett – Rose City Chimes
Bob Bethel – Twisted Fiddle
Guinn Brothers – Troubles
Wade Ray – The Albino Stallion
Jim Webb – Johnny Ringo
Mallie Anne and Slim – Love You
Freddie Medlin – I’m That Fool
Cliff Cochran – Only The Lonely Are Free
Johnny Stills – Mary Ann
Henry Bennetsen – Six Days