Dollar Country, Ep. 99

Ain’t Had Time to Quit

Brand New Episode from the Old School… Dollar Country! One of the coolest shows anywhere in the podverse, all curated from the dollar bins of America and all classics from when country music was new. This one is loaded!

Cowboy Howard Vokes – If This World Wants Peace
Bailes Brothers – Watch And Pray
Ferguson Sisters – I Can’t Feel The Same Way About You
Johnny White – If I Live To Be A Hundred
Zoro Chuck Williams – Hell On Earth
J.E. Mainer – Mainers Jew’s Harp
Roy Acuff – The Great Titanic
Kirk Hansard – Gonna’ Tie One On
Jerry Pitts & His Rhythm Makers – I Ain’t Had Time To Quit
The Boys From Shiloh – Wadin’ In The Creek
H.J. Kuntry – They Call Me H.J. Kuntry
Johnny Horton – Honky-Tonk Man
Wynn Stewart – Big, Big Love
Bud Hobbs And His Trail Herders – I’m Gonna Set You Free
Tex Dixon and Sid Linard – Little Mining Town In Walker County
Blackie Minor – Pusher Demonstration
Wayne Raney – My Pot Of Love
Charley Hicks – Grasshopper McLain
James Wilson & The Lorton Boys – Games Peopple Play