Finding DiRT E.001

Finding DiRT E.001 (Finds from JAN 2020 #1) TKR air date 22JUN21
This episode is the first of a three part journey of musical discovery through the first month of 2020, yes, over a year ago; but I just finished finding and assembling all this music a few weeks ago (started researching these albums a few months ago).
Amazing how much music I miss while making other plans.
These songs were written and recorded well before the pandemic, and I’m sure the artists would tell you themselves that some of their words have taken on a slightly different meaning in these different times we’re going through (“the past is another country”). Aside from that, I believe I have here for you some songs of quality that are worthy of your attention and your ears.
Thank you very much for listening!

Finding DiRT with L H M
E.001 (TKR 6/22/21)
Finds from JAN 2020 #1
Set List:
“Talk Like a Beluga” – Orbinaut (1/10) 0:00:45
“Your Way” – Canshaker Pi (1/31) 0:06:57
“Caterpillar” – Mammock (1/1) 0:09:42
“Losing My Touch” – October Drift (1/24) 0:12:41
“Saguaro” – Scale & Feather (1/20) 0:16:29
“Streetlight Blues” – Squirrel Flower (1/31) 0:19:22
“God” – RockGati (1/19) 0:22:55
“Children of the Sky” – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (1/17) 0:28:48
“Out of Control” – Wolf Parade (1/24) 0:33:23
“Alien Interference Blues” – Machine+ (1/1) 0:37:42
“Spacecraft To Your Dreams” – UUBBUURRUU (1/17) 0:46:22
“Crystal Dunes” – Yuri Gagarin (1/31) 0:50:19
“Wildblood” – Caspian (1/24) 0:58:17