Finding DiRT E.003

I remember a time when the cable channel, Palladia, was awesomely playing 2-3 hour long festival highlight shows of live performances from varied artists all the time; that is, before MTV took over and eventually phased out that level of awesomeness. Well, when I put together these shows for you, long lost Palladia is typically where my head is at. Except, I’m arranging studio recorded performances in a way that gives you a sampling of each presented artist. Ultimately, I try to close the show with the best they have to offer, and this IS the third and final hour of January 2020 songs that I found not long ago. Of course, I love everything in this one, but everyone should really dig the last two numbers: an energetic romp from Bobby’s favorite, UUBBUURRUU (one I like to pronounce loud AND menacingly with the U sound from Subaru); and Mammock brings the house down with their debut album’s final track!
Thank you for listening and enjoying!