Finding DiRT, E.008

Episode “crazy” 8!
This is the month in 2020 that ended with “normalcy” taking a leave of absence. This also happened to be one of the busiest months for rock music releases. Releases that would have been the perfect distraction while sheltering in place, if only, back then, I had been looking for these artists. (Actually, at the time, I was busy wrapping up an extended journey through music old and new from 1994 that was started in 2019). After listening to songs from approximately 50 March 2020 albums, there was a total of 32 share-worthy, new albums discovered; 25 of them had tracks featured in the previous two episodes; a few of those 25 are again represented here, along with the 7 artists you haven’t heard yet.
Thank you for listening, and for anything above and beyond,