Finding DiRT E.011

The first of the final two shows I’ll have for you in 2021! This is an extended version of a show I put together earlier this year which, to my mind, feels like the closest I’ve come to achieving a “perfect mix”. Check it out to see if I’m right. If you do, then I thank you for listening to this journey to the mountains of loudness! (The return journey from those loud mountains will be aired on December 21st.)
Happy Holidays,

Set List:
“Light” . 0:01:00
“The Ecstatics” . 0:04:50
“It’s the Sun” . 0:07:49
“Warmth of Earth” . 0:13:29
“Journey In Satchidananda” . 0:17:07
“In The Cage” . 0:23:41
“The Pseudopod” . 0:31:51
“Apart (lhm edit)” . 0:37: 15
“Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano” . 0:45:09
“At the Mountains of Loudness” . 0:48:52