Finding DiRT E.012

The final episode of DiRT I’ll have for you in 2021! This is the conclusion of an extended version of a show I put together earlier this year which, to my mind, feels like the closest I’ve come to achieving a “perfect mix”. Check it out to see if I’m right. If you do, then I thank you for listening to this return journey from the mountains of loudness!
Happy Holidays!
Set List:
[ending of] “At the Mountains of Loudness” . 0:00:45
“Lost in Introspection” . 0:03:20
“Was It A Dream” . 0:08:14
“Still Right Here (lhm edit)” . 0:12:04
“Yasmin the Light” . 0:19:28
“Perpetual Change” . 0:26:19
“Flowers Of Light” . 0:35:01
“Your New Normal” . 0:40:00
“When the Fool Becomes a King” . 0:43:35
“They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light” . 0:53:46