Jackie Zee, Ep. 47

It’s here! The week of Halloween. Join Jackie Zee as she plays some dark themed songs in anticipation of the best holiday of the year!
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00:15 Screaming Lord Sutch (UK) – Murder In The Graveyard
03:39 Black Mountain (CA) – (Over And Over) The Chain (IV 2016)
12:02 Dopethrone (CA) – Dark Foil (Dark Foil 2011)
18:35 The Devil And The Almighty Blues (NO) – The Ghosts Of Charlie Barracuda (s/t 2015)
26:42 Ordos (SE) – House Of The Dead (House Of The Dead 2017)
33:23 Zeal & Ardor (CH/US) – Blood In The River (Devil Is Fine 2016)
36:56 Lady Lizard (MT) – Statues Of Bone (Lady Lizard 2018)
44:23 Diamond Skull (AT) – Dark Wings (Sleepless 2018)
49:29 Heavydeath (SE) – Sarcophagus In The Sky (Sarcophagus In The Sky 2017)