Jackie Zee, Ep. 49

Long time no hear! Jackie Zee is back on Trendkill Radio, presenting eight fuzzy rock songs, by bands discovered on Bandcamp during this crazy first half of the year. Featuring Montecristo, Super SnakeRazorburn CityLunar SwampMindustParalyzedLord Vapour and Brunt! We’ve missed Jackie Zee… come let your ears tell you why!

00:40 Montecristo (IT) – Avrah Ka Dabra (The St. Lazarus Sessions 2018)
06:30 Super Snake (US) – Do You Need Me, Honey? (Volume 4: Influenza Forever 2019)
11:10 Razorburn City (US) – Dead Load (Razorburn City EP 2019)
16:47 Lunar Swamp (IT) – Shamanic Owl (UnderMudBlues 2020)
24:20 Mindust (ES) – Escape Velocity (Taking Off 2013)
31:40 Paralyzed (DE) – Hidden Sun (Hidden Sun 2019)
39:24 Lord Vapour (GG) – Through The Doors Of Kukundu (Semuta 2018)
47:11 Brunt (GG) – The Grauballe Man (Ataraxy 2019)