Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 01-09-2020

Wake Up special : Explorations in the Motorpsychedelic universe and beyond

Motorpsycho : The All Is One (The All Is One) Stickman
Sugarfoot : The House on the Hill (In the Clearing) Crispin Glover
Bol&Snah : Epilogue (So?Now?) Gigafon
Amgala Temple : Bosphorus (Invisible Airships) Pekula
Motorpsycho : N.O.X. II Ouroboros (The All Is One)
Ola Kvernberg : Caterpillar (Steamdome) Grappa
Elephant9 & Reine Fiske : Atlantis (Atlantis) Rune Grammofon
MP & Ståle Storløkken : Into the Mystic (The Death Defying Unicorn)
Needlepoint : Fear (Aimless Mary) BJK Music
Dungen : Panda (Ta Det Lungt) Subliminal Sounds
Spidergawd : Master of Disguise (s/t) Crispin Glover
Reflections in Cosmo : Cosmosis (s/t) Rarenoise
Møster! : Bandha (When You Cut Into the Present) Hubro
Yodok III : A Dreamer Ascends… (A Dreamer Ascends) Consouling Sounds
Morte Macabre : Quiet Drops (Symphonic Holocaust) Mellotronen
MP & Jaga Jazzist Horns : Pills, Powders & Passion Plays (In the Fishtank 10) Konkurrent