Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 09-03-2021

Playlist 09-03-2021

Five the Hierophant : Fire from Frozen Cloud (Through Aureate Void) Dark Essence
Kurushimi : Wormhole (Chaos Remains) Art As Catharsis
Saturnia : Smoking in the Sun (Stranded in the Green) Sulatron
A/LPACA : Chameleon (Make It Better) Sulatron
Jordsj√ł : Skumring I Karesuando (Pastoralia) Karisma
Epitaph : Fresh Air (Outside the Law) Membran
Kameel : Chameau (Barkas) Poplar Sounds
Circle : Rautatie (Serpent (Live)) Ektro

Artwork : Saturnia