Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 13-04-2021

Yawning Sons : Cigarette Footsteps (Sky Island) Ripple
Stöner : Own Yer Blues (Live in the Mojave Desert Vol.4) Heavy Psych Sounds
King Buffalo : Hebetation (The Burden of Restlessness) Stickman
Pontiacs : Bulgaria (Atacama Dreaming) Green Cookie
Astral Magic : Wizards (Visions of Infinity) Space Rock productions
Ozric Tentacles : Stretchy (Jurassic Shift) Dovetail
Cosmic Reaper : Wasteland II (Cosmic Reaper) Heavy Psych Sounds
Tons : Chronic Morning Obesity Pt1 (Doom Sessions Vol4) Heavy Psych Sounds
Grand Funk Railroad : Inside Looking Out (Live) (Live Album) Capitol

Artwork : Astral Magic