Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 13-10-2020

Theme Special: Clouds

We’re preparing for another trip through the always amazing Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe​, and today’s show is running with the theme of “Clouds”. Definitely a favorite and always loud… here’s what’s coming.

Pink Floyd : Obscured by Clouds (Obscured by Clouds)
Porcupine Tree : Cloud Zero (Staircase Infinities)
Gong : A Sprinkling of Clouds (You)
Øresund Space Collective : Walking On Clouds part 2 (Organic Earthly Floatation)
The United States of America : Cloud Song (The United States of America)
Needlepoint : All Kinds of Clouds (The Diary of Robert Reverie)
Trapeze : Black Cloud (Medusa)
Diagonal : Child of the Thundercloud (Diagonal)
Junipher Greene : Into the Cloudburst (Friendship)
Motorpsycho : Cloudwalker (A darker Blue) (Behind the Sun)
Cosmic Dealer : Head in the Clouds (Chrystallization)
Farflung : Those Clouds Are Solid (9 Pin Body)
Luv Machine : Dar Clouds (Turn You On!)
Fooz : Merely A Number (Clouds of Words) (Space is Dark…It’s So Endless)

Artwork : Pink Floyd