Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, 2019-07-23

WAKE UP summer special pt4 : MAGIC
Compiled by dj Cosmic Masseur

Marcus : Black Magic (Marcus)
Mystic Siva : Magic Luv (Mystic Siva)
Zior : Strange Kind of Magic (Zior)
The Who : Magic Bus (The Ultimate Collection)
Open Mind : Magic Potion (The Open Mind)
Jimi Hendrix : Spanish Castle Magic (Axis : Bold As Love)
Mahogany Rush : Magic Man (Maxoom)
Phantoms Divine Comedy : Black Magic White Magic (Part 1)
Peter Green : Black Magic Woman (Vintage Years)
Heart : Magic Man (Dreamboat Annie)
John Berberian : The Magic Ground (Middle Eastern Rock)
Circus 2000 : Magic Bean (Circus 2000)
Junipher Greene : Magical Garden (Friendship)
Cosmos Factory : Magic Window (Black Hole)
Orang-Utan : Magical Playground (Orang-Utan)

Artwork : Mahogany Rush