Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 21-09-2021

The end for the Wake Up radio shows is nigh. After 25 years of making this show we jointly decided to call it quits because of our reduced passion to fill a weekly hour and because of the change in how people listen to music these days. It’s been a great trip and we’ll keep on searching for music in our own universe. Hope you do to!

There will be one more radio show next week to conclude this Radio Scorpio broadcasting season.

Thanks to Radio Scorpio and Trendkill Radio for hosting us and thanks a million to all our listeners over the past years!

Darkthrone : Hate Cloak (Eternal Hails…)
Spiral Grave : Modern Day Golden Calf (Legacy of the Anointed)
Witchcryer : Hellmouth (When Their Gods Come For You)
Comet Control : Keep On Spinning (Inside The Sun)
The Doors : Not To Touch The Earth (Waiting For The Sun)
Hooded Menace : Chime Diabolicus (The Tritonus Bell)
Splendidula : Somnia (Somnus)
Trouble : The Wish (The Skull)

Artwork : Comet Control