Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe, 28-01-2020

One of the best hours you’ll spend all week, when you Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe! Benny’s compiled an hour jam to shock and awe, with Kanaan – BandSunburned Hand of the ManLowriderUFOMAMMUT and way more. Prepare yourselves.

Kanaan : Of Raging Billows Breaking on the Ground (Odense Sessions) El Paraiso
Sunburned Hand of the Man : The Great Hope (Headless) Cardinal Fuzz
Lowrider : Red River (Refractions) Blues Funeral
Acrimony : Million Year Summer (Chronicles of Wode/Tumuli Schroomaroom/) Burning World
Ufomammut : Mindomine (Oro Opus Primum) Neurot
Low Flying Hawks : Somewhere pt2 (Anxious Ghosts) Magnetic Eye
Mythic Sunship : Ophidian Rising (Changing Shapes) El Paraiso
Ramases : Life Child (Space Hymns) Vertigo
Dead Sea Apes : Night Lands (Night Lands) Cardinal Fuzz

Artwork : Acrimony – Chronicles of Wode