Wake Up at the Other Side of the Universe 12-01-21

Playlist Orange Factory series Pt3 (2002-2003) 

Motorpsycho : Custer’s Last Stand (It’s A Love Cult)
Greenleaf : Devil Woman (Revolution Rock)
Gas Giant : Back on the Headless Track (Mana)
Fu Manchu : Mongoose (California Crossing)
Earthlings? : Disco Marching Kraft (Disco Marching Kraft)
Farflung : Prototype of A Traveler (The Myth of Solid Ground)
Orange Goblin : Cozmo Bozo (The Big Black)
Roadsaw : Bad Ass Rising (Rawk N’ Roll)
Grand Magus : Never Learned (Grand Magus)
The Hidden Hand : Desensitized (Mother Teacher Destroyer)
The Heads : Motorjam (Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere)
On Trial : Driver (Blinded by the Sun)
Nebula : To the Center (To the Center)
Kinski : Semaphore (Airs Above Your Station)
Colour Haze : Roses (Los Sounds de Krauts)
Los Natas : Tufi Meme (Ciudad de Braham)
Brant Bjork : Captain Lovestar (Brant Bjork & the Operators)
Hypnos 69 : Burning Ambition (Promise of A New Moon)
Dozer : The Hills Have Eyes (Call it Conspiracy)
The Atomic Bitchwax : Forty Five (Vol2)